There are some makeup looks I can blame on myself – thick kohl liner and messily applied red lips, all me – and there are some I can only blame on other people, this one being Estee Lalonde. I don’t know how she does it, but she pulls off ‘no-makeup makeup’ so well (along with Anna, is it something in the water, am I missing out or doing it wrong?) and one thing she started talking about that caught my attention was the no-blush blush.

Genius, is it not?

Yes so blusher is meant to look like you have colour in your cheeks, but when I spent a lot of time covering redness and blemishes on mine and then have the option to add pops of pink or not, I usually choose not. That’s why I love this no-blush vibe, it adds a subtle life to your complexion where you need it, enough to look like you possibly caught the sun or you’ve got a natural glow and probably slept well the night before along with the rest of the week, but it’s not 100% obvious.

Jumping all over this, I’ve been reaching for my own no-blush – the MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural in Medium/Dark which if you’re pale, never fear, it’s the most easy to apply and adapt shade ever; a light swirl makes it buildable for either a light ‘ooh maybe it’s blush maybe it’s not’ or a heavy sweep makes it perfect for a bronzed glow or bit of contour. The mix of terracotta, grey and brown make it an easy to wear and adapt shade, plus being part of the Skinfinish family it’s a finely milled product that could double up as powder depending on your skin tone – result!

So what camp are you in – are you a no-blush kinda gal or a pop of pink lady? And have you tried MAC Skinfinish? Also, what makeup looks do you blame/thank other bloggers and you tubers for?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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