If you want to get me excited, involve food; whether it’s Bake Off re-runs, a lovely brunch or cooking up some yummy vegan food I’d never thought of before, food will always win.

I’m not the best when it comes to cooking – I can cook, I just always cook the same stuff – so when I get invited to events where I can try something new (and easy, and vegan) it’s like music to my ears. Or brownies to my belly. This time round, Dream had teamed up with Natasha Corrett from Honestly Healthy to create three different dairy-free meals that take minutes to whip up and taste flavoursome, all whilst staying completely nutritious and delicious!

Dream are known mainly for their rice milk which is what we used in our recipes, but have a wide range of dairy free milks to try (with a cashew milk coming soon, which is so naturally sweet and quenching) that can suit any health, dietary or taste. Rice is the most neutral which is what it awesome in the meals – a Tahini Berry Smoothie, Creamy Pasta with Courgette and finally, the yummiest and healthiest Brownies ever.

Starting with breakfast, I was surprised to see tahini in a smoothie (heck, in anything outside the savoury option) but it’s just as high in protein as the usual nut butters but a tasteless option for those who don’t like almonds or cashews. Great post workout, it was the right balance of fresh fruit and satisfying savoury protein to start your day right – one I’m going to be whipping up more often!

Now I’m not one for creamy pasta (I know, gasp, throw me in the stocks and drown me in carbonara, I just can’t take it) but this recipe has won me over – by mixing in Kuzu (a powdered substance derived from seaweed) as a thickening agent, the sauce becomes a little bit less rich whilst keeping its comfort food, carby goodness. Throw in some just-done courgettes, grated carrots, a good bit of cumin and tagliatelle and you’ve got dinner sorted in under 15 minutes and one seriously satisfied stomach – trust me, I could have had seconds had it not been for dessert.

The task of the event was to cook ourselves the three courses, so when we split into teams I inevitably chose brownies – I mean, that’s the bowl you want to lick afterwards isn’t it? Not that I did..but I digress, these brownies are seriously yummy and a very interesting texture; a little bit more crunch from the chia seeds, a natural sweetness that feels a lot more satisfying from the dates, and an intense rich cacao lifted by agave to bring it all together. Natasha did warn us this was the best raw mixture she’d tasted, and once we’d got these in the oven and I had a spoon of the remains, I can confirm she was right. A nice healthier sweet treat, add in some protein powder for a post-workout satisfaction 😉

It was such a lovely opportunity to meet fellow foodie lovers, and also to chat with Natasha whose first book I loved and her new Honestly Healthy In A Hurry book looking even better! Now, I think I’m going to whip myself up some carby goodness….

Have you tried Dream milk before? Are you a carbonara fan? Will you be picking up Natasha’s new book?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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