I’m pretty much down with my skincare, and I love a good pamper, but you know what I’m really crap at? Putting my face mask and general ‘caring for my appearance’ routine into practise.

Even though a face mask takes about 30 mins tops including steaming, and nails even less, I always make excuses for why it takes so long and end up with bare peeling nails or seriously clogged skin I just want to attack. Not ideal.

See, I don’t really know where it started, I just suddenly recognised that I wasn’t, and didn’t want to, take care of my appearance. Going out the house sans makeup wasn’t a mark of confidence, it was because I could be bothered to look ‘decent’ and people just had to deal with a scruff; similarly, I do nothing with my hair apart from curl it for an event but most of the time it’s flung up or down limp, I just never see the point in trying especially as I dislike the feel of product in my hair and worry it’ll clog my skin via pillows – yup hygiene freak over here. Nails, oh until recently nails were sparsely painted or just left to peel and stay bare – too much faff to re-paint; SERIOUSLY?!

So I kicked my usually unorganised ass in gear: makeup or face washed by 6, face mask three times a week to keep it blemish free and renewed, painted nails as soon as they chip (even if it’s the same colour because man I am obsessed with nudes rn) and just sacking off a bit of work to do a pedicure and actually moisturise my skin – because really, how much time does slathering yourself in body butter take irl in comparison to what your brain tells you?

Since I’ve got back in the habit of it, my nails are stronger and prettier (always a winner), my skin looks decongested and even and even my feet look super smooth! It’s just the little tasks which always feel a bit ‘ugh cba’ sometimes that actually leave you feeling pretty darn good (and ready for any occasion instead of hastily applying three coats of polish at 10pm the night before a meeting that is way to thick and smudges hours later). It says a lot about yourself when you don’t take care of your appearance for reasons other that you literally are too busy, so now I’m making sure to keep on top of an eyebrow pluck here and there and keeping my manicure in check – I’ve just noticed mine is now chipped so that’s a task for tonight as I type!

Now that’s I’ve got the face and body down, I think it’s time for hair, and lord knows how long that’ll take…

Do you take time and care in your appearance? What is your self-care routine?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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