Firstly, this post was meant to go in a whole other direction, but that thing happened where everything I reserve offline and don’t vocalise just seeps out on the keyboard and look back over it thinking ‘heck do I really have those views?! I should have confidence to say words more’. I digress, here we go:

A lot of descriptions on positivity include cutting out negativity and negative people/influences/traits/desires that cause you to be a lesser version of yourself, sometimes easier said than done but doable. You can live a positive life without having things drain you and make you feel like crap a lot of the time, but you can also get on and live your positive life and still accept and be aware of negativity around you without letting it affect you so much yet using it to make a difference.

Here’s an example:

When listening the radio, we would always turn to another station or switch it off completely when the news came on because ‘uh, it’s all negativity and focusing on bad news, why do we want to listen to that?’ and yes the news does tend to focus on the dire and what it considers newsworthy, but as I mention in my Isolation post, knowing what is going on in the world and how it may affect you in a general sense is a good thing, and it doesn’t have to completely void you of good vibes.

Reports of people getting killed and arrested in America for no reason other than fear-mongering and prejudices, completely disgraceful yet you can still positively and actively vocalise your views on equality in a peaceful and confident manner. You can get angry, you can be pissed off, but you can still be positive. If you become negative from hearing the news, you are buying into the fear of a system that lacks freedom, without a voice and without seeing the possibility to change a future for the better.

Being positive includes signing a petition, being positive is saying everyone is equal including the lives of the marginalised, being positive is thinking ‘this news is bad but I won’t let it take over my day and mood, instead I will process what I’ve heard, and find a way to work with others to make a better future and show solidarity’. Being actively positive in your motives can negate any negative scenario, even if it’s small and seemingly insignificant, because one positive act can influence another.

It’s not just news stories like this it applies to, it can be as small as ‘okay, I did just my phone in the toilet and yeah that’s probably going to cost me, but it can be fixed and will just take time. If I find out what the cost is, then I can be ready in expecting to pay that; meanwhile, thank goodness I have a spare phone and a laptop I can still use and continue my day as planned’ or ‘I’m in a situation where there are people I know, don’t know, like and don’t like and if the people I don’t like talk to me then I won’t die if I smile, and if they talk negatively and moan then I can acknowledge that’s how they see something but it’s not how I see it, and I can politely leave by saying I need to get some water and find a conversation that fits my flow a bit more.’

With all this being said, you can still have moments where you need to moan, to whinge, to rant and rave about something that has just eaten you up or caused you to hit a nerve, and that equally is okay. The key is at the end of the moment you move on, you don’t wallow in it – you expel it, release it and get back to being your funky old self. It might take a bit of extra time, it might feel annoying or make your body jerk a bit because ‘why not moan or share my moans, I’m human right?’ and yes you are but come on, you’re better than that hun. Expel it, accept it, forget it unless you want to get out there and change it.

TLDR: You can live a positive life and still encounter negativity, and have blips of negativity yourself, but it doesn’t have to become who you are. You could listen the crappy news all day long, become informed and decide that you what to make a difference, even if it’s helping someone out just to break a stigma, leading potentially to a chain of events that brings more people to breaking stigmas.

Choose to try and be positive today, even if there is sad news being shared everywhere or niggles in your immediate surroundings, make your actions come from a positive place and pass it on.

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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