I’ve visited homeopathic clinics and practitioners since I was little, it’s always felt quite normal to me and whilst doctors are all well and good sometimes, it’s nice to to discuss your issues and health concerns from a different angle.

There are always various ways of looking at concerns, and when the traditional has left you feeling a bit helpless it’s worth reaching out to other fields, which is why I took the opportunity a few weeks ago to visit The Italian Medical Centre to discuss how homeopathy could clear up my acne.

Homeopathy is split into two types of treatment which follow a similar approach of diagnosis: 5 levels of treatment that can target first aid surface injuries (ie bruises), acute health issues such as colds, deep injuries, organs, and the spiritual which are then either treated with one tablet to cover all areas across the board or several tablet and powders to target specific areas which are taken over a period of time. It might seem odd to prescribe homeopathic medicine (or medicine at all) for the spiritual, but it is believed that sometimes our beliefs and thoughts can affect deep down and cause these prominent reactions and expulsions.

I started off with a a 90 minute session (which can cover a lot of ground) and mine with Dr Frederica basically turned into an hour of therapy – we discussed common themes and emotions in my background and lifestyle, how acne made me feel and times it has flared up and my relationships and practises. Basically, I have a lot of emotions.

It was somewhat eye opening, because I’d had inklings of the feelings and connections before, but talking about it out loud seemed, well, embarrassing, like explaining the commonality and thoughts themselves was ‘oh crap it’s really obvious I shouldn’t be doing that why is she writing that down? What am I doing wrong? Is it mad that I feel that way?!’ 

It was good to clear up and understand more about how health issues can be triggered by non-medical factors and that balance in life is key, and I do feel that after coming out of the session afterwards I felt a lot more understood and had been shown a variety of options and triggers for my health, before leaving with a prescription tailored to what my body or 5 levels need; Dr Frederica practises the method where several tablets or powders are prescribed to cure individual ailments and feelings, whilst others as I said previously try to find one tablet that can cover across the board which can sometimes be a lower dose or effect as you’re trying to fix several issues with one magic tablet. By taking each factor into account, you need less medication but it works stronger and more direct, and a lot of my prescription was focused on the emotional – OF COURSE, because I am one heck of an emotional person!

Medication can be ordered online and comes with specific instructions that are easy to follow, but I can wholeheartedly say that is you have health issues you don’t feel are being addressed or acknowledged by your doctor, visit a homeopathic clinic and see what they can diagnose and guide you along with. I have to thank The Italian Medical Centre for both the chance to discuss homeopathy and my health concerns in much much more detail and see that health is just about throwing loads of medication at a problem, it’s also about sharing and a willingness to try of all for a better you.

If you have any health and body issues, or have injuries or queries that still need resolving, make sure to check out The Italian Medical Centre (full services here) or research homeopathy in detail yourself to see if it can work for you – there is always a solution!

Have you tried homeopathy before? What are your views on this practise?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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