My beauty drawer is in a state of ‘I’m overflowing plz help me’ so you know what that means – picking out the best for a new currently testing post!

We’ve got a little bit of everything including a product I’ve been disappointed with, because you want to know what not to buy as much as what you need to (cannot guarantee enabling won’t happen)

I love a matte lip and I love pencils, so naturally I’ve been loving the Nudestix Lip Pencils and the LF girls picked out the perfect shades for me – all nude/brown and a bit dusky, major love! They apply easily and last so well, a bit softer than NARS and they even come with the cutest tin packaging 😉

Keeping with makeup, you’ll have heard me rave about NYX Green Colour Correcting Concealer on my channel and it really is da bomb – cancels out all redness and means I can skip on the concealer. It can make your skin look a little powdery but work the consistent base coverage if you have blemishes or red cheeks to cover. Worth it, get it.

Popping in between, I’ve been keeping the Palmers Flip Balm on my desk the last few weeks partly because it’s fun to open and apply but also because it smells damn good! Designed a lot like EOS but with a swishy lid (I do think the packaging is a little basic and not completely bag friendly but great at the desk) it’s easy to apply and my lips have never been so soft so often. 

There’s a few new skincare finds too – this Juice Beauty Step Cellular Anti Wrinkle Serum is vegan friendly and smells super fresh, just like apples, which makes application dreamy. This helps to replenish cells and their turnover, so if you do have blemishes or lacklustre skin this is worth a try; similarly natural is Balmology which was a timely try seeing as my beloved Emma Hardie had run out. It has these little bits of hard cleanser in the balm which melts down and helps exfoliate the skin gently, and very gentle on the eyes too. As good as Emma? Debatable, but a very lovely and lavish cleanser to try.

Finally two hair products, one good, one skip; I rarely condition my hair (I know) because most seem to weigh my hair down and make it look so limp and blah and greasy, and I absolutely loved the sample of Phyto Secret de Nuit which made my hair so soft and bouncy, but I’ve been testing out the Mythic Oil Deep Conditioning Masque once a week for a really boost and damn it is lush. Hair feels smooth and replenished, only a little bit of weight but enough to top my hair up again seeing as it’s free of dye and product nowadays. The pot seems to have diminished quickly after three sessions, but lovely density and condition on the hair regardless.

Now I’m a big lover of texture and try to achieve it without too much product as I don’t like sleeping on a pillow shared with a bit of grime, but I decided to give the Redken Wind Blown a try and whilst it did give some oomph, it left a really sticky residue that made my hair feel thick, heavy and desperate to get out of my face and ends. Not really volumising, but if you are going out and have your hair curled it might help keep hold, otherwise steer clear 🙁

Well my skincare drawer is calling for attention, I think it’s time for another clear out…

What are you currently testing? Any of your faves here?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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