When the weekend rolls around, I can only think of one thing: BOOKS. I friggin love reading, and now that I’m focusing more on having weekends off, picking up a book I’ve been wanted to get lost in is my ideal of heaven (coupled with warm weather to sit outside in, some soft mango and lots of water – dreamy!)

Recently I’ve been favouring more life orientated books, true self-help guides that make you sob a little because yes you are a people pleaser and yes you deserve and can do more. They really are the best thing for a Saturday unwind.

Whether you want a new read for the weekend, or need some guidance creatively/in life/in being a badass, then these are 4 self-help books you need ASAP, like yesterday ASAP;

L’Art de la Simplicité

If you like Marie Kondo, you’ll love this book – a bit more focused on living a simple lifestyle across the board of eating, health, energy, general lifestyle and relationships, The Art of Simplicity really made me think about how much we can consume sometimes in all these areas. Okay, so I’m not going to be fasting anytime soon to cleanse my system, but making the effort more to appreciate the practise and routine of small gestures and nourishment of your soul and daily life is reason good enough. I would say this is more of one to take aspects from and implement (such as eating frugally or only what you need), however as Dominique states at the beginning of the book, people who follow this practise in Japan seemingly live longer – maybe I can buy less socks then…

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k

Similarly if you like Marie Kondo, TLCMONGAF (for short) takes the piss in the most brilliantly way possible, but focuses more on what brings you joy in your life, emotions and just making you happy. When I read the first paragraph, I cried; when I finished the book, I cried – Sarah Knight is amazing, and what she writes truly works – your f**ks are like daily credits, and each activity warrants a credit; do you really want to spend your time on that, or can your f**ks be spent better elsewhere? Be it relationships, your job, friendships or being made to go on walks with your family constantly and feeling the guilt, prepare for some serious magic. And laughs.

You Are A Badass

I finished this in two days, maybe one if I’d really got my head down to it but man there is a lot to take in – and also a lot of amazing results. This book blends the lines between TLCMONGAF and spiritual teachings following the Law of Attraction; I’ve somewhat followed it but the language always felt to rigid and overwhelming, but the basics of what you ask from the universe, it manifests for you. This book however is the much more modern and ‘you are a badass and have got this’ kind of book, which I think is what makes it much more appealing and easier to understand. At one point I was reading about how the ego doesn’t want you to change beliefs because they are safe and will make you physically react to any change, and my mind was constantly telling me to put the book down and just sit aimlessly scrolling. Hells no, I finished that book, felt amazing and clear-minded about lots of things, and I can count of two hands the amount of great things that have happened to me since. Buy it, now.

Big Magic

Can’t write a post on self-help guides without featuring this bible – for any creative who has a down day or spell, needs a refresh and boost in their qualities and desires, and just the general motivation to realise opportunity is around them, this book does it all. I swear Liz Gilbert is hero, she just nails self-realisation every damn time – I have written more about Big Magic here so won’t ramble too much more, but if you don’t have it get it get it get it.

What are some of your favourite weekend reads? And have you got any self-help recommendations?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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