Today I feel really pretty.

Is that something you can say? Can you say you look and feel pretty? I remember being in Year 8 and saying to a friend that I thought I was pretty because hell I was 12, I had no life experience and hard hitting real dog-eat-dog vibes going on around me. She laughed and said I was a bit vain, which annoyed me but as I’ve grown up I’ve found it harder to say ‘I am pretty’ to myself and about myself to other people.

When did it become such a crime?!

It’s so rare that I feel 100% okay with saying I feel pretty, mostly because I have some friends you are complete STUNNERS and I’m fine with playing the Hollywood favoured role of ‘brunette friend in glasses who is the geek and never gets the guy’, but no, today I want to be the main lady and I’m pretty bloody happy to say I feel pretty. I’ve had acne for over a year now, it’s been an ongoing thing that I’m trying to get to the root of still but recently I had another resurgence and my skin was red, packed with gunk, blotchy and those pesky cysts were sat there like ‘heh heh heh we’re going to sit here looking like we can be popped but NO’. It was one of those times when I didn’t want to put makeup on or go out because it was so much hassle to attempt to cover it all up. I’d rather have looked ugly and just accepted it.

But yes, today I looked in the mirror whilst working and I thought with conviction and confidence ‘I feel pretty today’ and I knew as I said it that it was a huge deal. My skin looks tanned and dewy (partially my oily t-zone, partially the very shimmery illuminator I whacked on), my eyeliner actually worked for once, my brows are full but natural and my lashes are pretty fabulous. I’ve got it down today, and hopefully my makeup stays long enough (immediately sprays two different setting sprays) that I feel and look pretty all day long.

It’s a little boost of confidence for today, and I kinda like it.

When was the last time you felt pretty? Do you feel the confidence to know you are pretty every day?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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