Despite breakfast being my favourite meal, I rarely experiment with what goes in my bowl; it’s always porridge with hemp milk, cinnamon, hemp protein, pumpkin seeds, almonds and chia, oh and some honey, a teaspoon of cashew butter…I mean, pretty straightforward right?

Come summer or winter, I’m having porridge – nice and filling in the morning, not too sweet not too savoury – but I’m open to trying something new when it comes to healthy alternatives, and probably more summer appropriate are the new boxes of Planet Organic’s Grain Free Paleo Granola. Unless you’ve missed out, paleo is a diet that follows what cavemen or early humans would have been able to source i.e. grains, meat, fish, but this granola has gone one step further and added some yummy and diverse flavours to jazz up your breakfast.

I will admit, I’ve not been swayed by all of them – there’s a lot of coconut in these so unless you’re a fan of Bounty and the hair fruit this probably won’t be for you, as it can be quite overpowering. The Chocolate flavour contains cacao but is a bit too powdery for my taste along with the coconut, the Green spirulina and wheatgrass mix is nice but needs mixing with another flavour for taste, and the Caramel Apple is just a bit too sweet for breakfast – coupled with an already sweet Co-Yo yogurt and I’m buzzing all morning.

However, there are two from the new range I do think are very yummy – Super Berry works well with the coconut and granola for a sweet mix perfect on top of any yogurt or ice-cream, and the Tropical Twist actually does the coconut justice, making it taste more like a healthy piña colada or Lilt for a post-lunchtime pick-me-up.

I think having a natural or plain base is what makes these work best, and very kindly Good Hemp (which happens to be my OG milk of choice in all my porridge) sent over some of their range including an unsweetened and coconut milk I’d not seen on the shelves or pages of Ocado before, but are great if you just want to focus on some crunchy sweetness without it being bone-dry. Admittedly, I prefer the Original milk best, but if you’re packing in as much flavour and topping to your breakfast as I am, the unsweetened version is undoubtedly best in terms of sugar content; all three however give essential omegas per 50ml and has a creamy, almost bubblegum ice-cream taste (in a nice way) and is possibly the best dairy-alternative milk I’ve tried.

Whilst I won’t be ditching the porridge just yet, these granolas definitely offer up good competition to supermarket branded options and are much healthier and packed with benefits and superfoods, plus Planet Organic is one of my favourite healthy food spots in London so I’m pretty impressed with the range of flavours (even if they’re not all to my taste) but maybe I just need to find the right yogurt!

How about you, are you a granola fan in the morning? Have you tried the Planet Organic range? Would you switch your milk to hemp?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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