Over the last few weeks I’ve had the chance to really indulge myself in some pampering – a full body massage and brow appointment isn’t my usual outlook for a Wednesday, but alas I’ve been visiting a few new salons recently in London with the aims of getting rid of every knot and stray brow hair imaginable (which I can’t complain about really because it had been three years since my last brow appointment oops) and they’re all worth a drop-in if you fancy getting your nails did and back rubbed at late notice.

Spa and Massage, Fitzrovia

Tucked underneath the hustle and bustle of Fitzrovia is one of Spa and Massage’s many salon locations, down some incognito steps and into an incense filled building which also offers drop-in services should you be feeling a bit run-down during the day and need a little bit of zen to pick you up again.

Sitting at a desk all day and crossing my legs way too much (I just had to uncross them because LACK OF CIRCULATION) makes me a little tense especially in my back and shoulders, so was excited about working those knots out and loosening up my seriously clicky back with a Deep Tissue Massage – possibly of the most intense massages after a Sports Massage, although I am slightly intrigued into how intense it is because ‘please work out all my tensions with the crook of your thumb thanks’. I just really like to feel zen.

Unlike the other locations, the Fitzrovia is underground so it’s a very dark yet relaxingly lit environment, filled with calm smells and sounds to get you in the frame of mind for a treatment. I wouldn’t say it’s the most luxurious setting within the rooms, however the treatments make all the difference.

For an hour, you’ll pay £59 for an intense and personalised massage – which is great if you have an area that’s giving you more gip than others – whilst focusing on your body’s overall wellbeing. My therapist was careful to ask if the pressure was okay and to reassure me when it was a little bit wince-inducing, I did have one moment when I was thinking ‘what’s going on?!’ and that my shoulder was going to come out but I do have one shoulder blade that every therapist tries to re-align so until that day comes I’ll just have live with a shoulder snap.

Overall the experience was pleasant and very de-stressing (I could easily have a massage every day), and the fact the spas have drop-in appointments and are open until 11pm 7 days a week is pretty impressive – no excuse not to get a massage post-stressful day at work or just because you can!

Spa and Massage, 19 Newman Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1PF

L’Atelier du Sourcil, Soho

0207 631 111

Usually you hear people talking about waxing and threading for brow maintenance, it’s the most common treatment for us ladies who want beautiful even shape; but over in Paris the practise of plucking is much more on-trend and kinder to your brows.

With this in mind, the famous french salon L’Atelier du Sourcil has opened up a branch in Dean Street to bring a rival brow experience to what we currently know and obviously make you feel like you’re in Paris! I found out later that 95% of customers are French as it has that familiarity of treatments, but I definitely think it could pick up for those of us who a) don’t like waxing and b) don’t really have enough brows for threading.

Waxing is prone to pulling the skin of delicate lids which leads to sagging and weakening, plus threading bluntly cuts the hairs and removes necessary strays but can encourage coarser growth (and bleeding if you don’t pull the skin correctly), so despite plucking being a more regular top-up it is better for your surrounding eye area.

How L’Atelier works is they shape the brow by trimming and plucking hairs to frame the face, but also encourage a fuller brow that looks natural; you can then in between sessions pluck the odd stray but return to have more obvious areas shaped professionally, plus they offer many other treatments including Volumabrow 3D (where a gel textured pigment is applied to the brows lasting 3 weeks and makes brows appear fuller and existent, definitely want to try), Eyebrow + Eyelash Extension and also Semi-Permanent makeup.

The salon has a wonderful boutique atmosphere, with the basic shaping lasting 20 minutes (great for your lunch break) and easy access from Oxford Street and Soho, and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with how neat my brows look and how easy it is to maintain them until they need a bigger sort out. I promise it won’t be three years next time.

L’Atelier du Sourcil, 82 Dean Street, Soho, London

Boutique Spa, Queensway

A sister company to Spa and Massage, Boutique Spa offers more services and treatments (Spa and Massage is solely massages) from manicures, pedicures, spray tans and facials to name a few. I popped along last week before Taste of London – you can see the salon in my vlog here – and felt truly pampered, this being the first time ever I think I’ve had a full-blown, proper manicure which included hand scrub, palm massage, heated gloves and choice of polish from Essie to OPI. Of course, I opted to a blue shade (OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook) because what’s an aesthetic without on-point nails huh?

The salon is about 3 minutes walk from Queensway station, and again is open to drop-in appointments and open until late so whatever the rush or occasion you’ll be able to get a treatment (even better you get 10% using their app to book, just like Spa and Massage) plus there is a branch opening up in the autumn located in Fitzrovia, so if you’re based in Soho/Central keep your eyes peeled!

Boutique Spa, 123 Queensway, Bayswater, London, W2 4SJ

Are you a fan of pampering yourself? What are your favourite London salons? Will you be booking a treatment soon?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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