I won’t lie, sometimes I really can’t be bothered to moisturise – at least not all over any way. Since moving to the South, the hard water has dried out my skin so much more (which is fabulous for my spots and oily complexion, hello oils and hydrating creams) but not so much for my limbs where I’ve seen flaky patches, dehydration and just dry and lifeless skin which kinda makes me bummed seeing as this is ‘sun’s out, legs out’ season.

To combat this, I moisturise daily on my driest areas – arms, hips, chest – with a thick but non-irritating lotion because nothing is worse than a dry patch that stings, and then go for a full body hog post-shower. Through trial and error of what suits my skin now, I’ve narrowed down three pretty awesome formulas that not only smell good and do good for the skin too.

A rediscovered love comes in the form of the Palmers Coconut Oil range, with both Body Lotion* and Oil* being firm favourites. The lotion is a perfectly moisturising yet light on the skin consistency and also smells like a dream (I’m not a huge coconut fan, but this and Co-Yo yogurt with raspberries are two things to convert me to the hairy fruit) whilst the oil is thin enough to cover a large amount of the body in a few pumps, but thick enough to penetrate deep in the epidermis. I will say it’s not as hydrating as when I was bathing in soft water, but if you fancy a real treat, lather the oil on first and then go in with the lotion – pure soft, slippery, coconut delight.

If you hadn’t guessed already, I like things that smell good, especially if they smell like a spa and hence why the Antipodes Heavenly Body Oil* is just that – heavenly. In a weird way it’s similar yet different to the Coconut Oil – it feels lighter but hydrates more, plus it has a dropper bottle which is great if you haven’t already got product on your hands because otherwise slippy but it does guide how many pumps you’ll need per limb. I personally use this one more than the Coconut Oil because if you can smell like a spa then absolutely smell like one, plus it has 96% natural organic ingredients which is pretty awesome especially when there are blends of lavender and ylang ylang occurring – one to slather on before bed or if you feel like treating yourself, which is very day of course 😉

What are your favourite body lotions? Have you tried any of these products before? How to you moisturise your skin?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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