Up until yesterday I had challenged myself to post content every day; two videos on my channel as normal, but five posts on the blog to up the ante so they say. For some, daily posts and content is easy – or at least normal – because once you get the rhythm ideas flow, but for me I was waffling on three times a week saying too much and trying to get people to listen to me.

I also procrastinated a lot so there’s that.

When you have less posting days, you seem to take longer in writing them – you could have a day off here and there for meetings, going to town, seeing the outside world, but you’d end up on Friday thinking ‘crap I have NOTHING PREPARED OR SCHEDULED FOR NEXT WEEK’. I am a planner, an organiser, I like to have ideas in place to fall back on or at least whip out quickly, but I got to a point where I didn’t feel challenged, didn’t see growth, and didn’t feel, well, important.

As much as you should write for yourself, you want your words to have some substance and impact on others; whether it’s a great skincare brand that would help your acne, or a restaurant for vegans, or just some tips on life to make you feel fab, what you write needs to have value and be different and sometimes it feel hard with others doing the same.

Granted, I waffle like I said, so sometimes I miss the point and what I hoped to achieve with daily posts was more concise language, quicker reading material yet informative, fun and easy to digest. I believe I’ve done that, my posts are shorter yet still have personality and I basically cut all the unnecessary words you skim trying to cut down your blog feed – I know, I feel.

Someone said that daily blogging is like writing in a diary daily, however I have to disagree slightly – you need to photograph the post or at least have suitable images, schedule tweets for it, word it for grammar and wit, heck even planning the post takes a while if you need to schedule ahead (like this, I’m writing this on April 19th because I’m going away and still have one more post to write, but need to schedule all the remaining posts, upload and edit my videos and make sure it all goes out on time. Daily blogging when you’re going on holiday, hard task if you waffle.)

I think what made this easier was having a plan, a plan of what to write when, to think about what interested me, and essentially knowing what I could write about. I have experience in acne soothing skincare, vegan diets and food, interiors and general things that make me happy, so I wrote about that. By keeping that at the core, it made ideas easier and writing easier. Now, I’m currently feeling blank because I’ve spent that last 20 days writing to keep ahead, but I know I have a lot of potential content coming up that possibly I might just add one more post to my usual schedule, or make it into another video taking it the 3 uploads a week – WHO KNOWS.

Look, I waffled.

So what have I really learnt from daily content?
• You need to focus and train your brain to write less but still be informative
• You need a long list of ideas to refer to and keep you on track
• Scheduling is so important and can also take 5 minutes if you really push yourself to do it
• It can lead to blog growth, but it’s not necessarily stayed the focus point throughout
• You’ll feel mentally tired for a while and if you touch your head too much you’ll fall asleep
• It’s a great thing to try, but not essential to a fabulous blog.

Looking at my analytics, the stats aren’t that different to when I posted three days a week so it’s definitely quality over quantity, but it’s safe to say if you don’t try you don’t know, and what I know now is that I can definitely create content I love in a more productive manner and hopefully keep inspiring you all.

Have you tried daily content? How often do you post? What are your thoughts on this topic?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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