The past week has felt hard, lethargic, and on more than one occasion I’ve thought it was never going to end. I had a bit of dramz when my camera broke due to a glitch caused by a new lens, causing a little tantrum when I couldn’t fix it myself, but thankfully the situation is solving itself and yes, I am someone who will get upset over materialistic things because I am always 100% careful in their handling, mothering and investment and I don’t like things being out of my control.


I was already having a blah week – every day I sat at my desk trying to make things happen but nothing did. No spice, no ideas, and it would just so happen that when I did get ideas, the tech failed me. LOL THANKS MERCURY IN YOUR RETROGRADE.

Before I started to spiral into a cycle of ‘why this week sucks’ I decided to snap myself out of it, shake off the funk and think about how I could make the week feel better and get back in control:

1. Remember all the awesome things you’ve got coming up

Rather than sit and sob over a broken camera and throwing pillows everywhere in a temper tantrum *ahem soz pillows*, remind yourself of the bigger picture of life; next week I’m off to Ibiza for four days to see Zoe, tomorrow I’m having a massage and getting my brows done (for the first time in three years HA) and I’m also meeting up with Scarlett to discuss an exciting trip in September which my lord I’m buzzing for. Just a few moments thinking about that really takes your mind off the dent in your bank balance, and gets you back on track.

2. Bake some cookies

Basic? Never. Making wheat/gluten/dairy free cookies has always been a challenge for me, they’re either too cakey, too crumbly, or too crap tbh, but I thought ‘screw it I’m going to try one more time’ and hey presto I think I’ve cracked it. Baking cookies as a little treat for yourself is not only therapeutic in the process, but also in the delicious chewy-chocolateyness you get from a bite or five. It’s a treat, go treat yourself, just go and do something off the internet to get your buzz going instead!

3. Have a brain dump

Honestly I think my blah feeling could have gone away earlier if I’d just had a brain dump on paper on someone. I have a thousand thoughts and worries in my mind constantly, and have been trying to figure out and decipher ideas but not been able to communicate it to anyone including myself. What we both need is a brain dump – just offloading every single thought (relevant or not) to someone or some paper to get it all out before attempting to focus on actual coherent decisions. It’s pretty magical.

4. Do other things

A bit broad (sorry) but sitting in front of a book/screen/desk/piece of paper trying to work with nothing to give isn’t going to help. Get out of that environment and do something else; not painted your nails for a week? Add colour and feel jazzy af! Don’t enjoy your meals? Grab some books, post-its and your online shopping app and start listing some recipes, or go to the shop yourself and pick up a bonus fresh orange juice because man that’s the best thing about summer! Read a book, shave your legs, watch a video that perks your mood, go for a walk, sniff a flower, run up and down the stairs, cry in the shower if it makes you feel better – just do something else that is going to allow you to clear the fog and open up some understanding clarity.

Well that felt like some self-therapy for me, now I’m going to finish off my delicious jacket potato and have another sneaky half-a-cookie because it’s Bank Holiday rn and sneaky cookies don’t count. There are moments of blah, but there are also moments of hurrah (had to make it rhyme) so enjoy a 4 day week and go kick your sassy awesome ass in gear!

How do you stop feeling blah? Have you had any down in the dumps moments recently?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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