This is more of one continuous thought, so please excuse me for one week not having a lol-fest in my mind of weird thoughts. I mean, if you find it a lol-fest that is otherwise I’ll just stop now.

I’ve been on holiday this past week, chilling out maxing relaxing all cool and it’s been a much needed break not just for myself but for me and my mum too. We haven’t been on holiday together since…2004. Not even to Devon, and in the last few years it’s been even harder to go abroad for personal reasons but this week has been a leap of faith chance to go off into the sunshine, spend some time together (because even though I still live at home, you will NEVER see me #officelife) and just enjoy doing what we’ve always wanted to do – nothing.

No emails, no Messenger, no waiting for post, no discussions of when are you in or out, no ‘I can’t do that I’m working’, no ‘oh we’ll go another time’ – pure and simple, we packed our bags and headed to Meixco for sun, sea, tan and unlimited food plus some cheeky spa treatments. Because you literally have to go that far across the ocean to be chill af.

This trip is the perfect balance – despite doing our own things, we won’t have to worry about anything and both out lives have been filled with worry the last 5 years. It’s nice not to have to think about everything all the time, that things are taken care of (granted I’ve had to walk around the resort literally with a badge saying ‘VEGAN’ so no one throws a fish at me) and we can do what we want. I can read books, sit in the sun, switch my brain off, drink lots of water, have conversations not related to blogging and just ahhhhhh my brain has gone to a relaxed mush already because so much has been lifted off my mind simply by flying 10 hours to the beach. BLISS.

The thought here is this: I appreciate fully that I get to spend actual physical time with someone I don’t actually make time for, and it’s mad we’ve had to fly thousands of miles to do so, but even as someone who freaks out about committing to holidays and not working, I value it, and I value this past week of sunshine and somewhat radio silence.

When did you last make time for something or someone? How do holidays make you feel? Are you going away this year?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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