Foundation seems to be hit and miss for me sometimes; just when it seems perfect, something will knock it down a few points – high coverage but drying, moisturising but sweet lord the natural oils glow is too much, or the ‘ooh I look nice and evenly covered so far’ which later turns to ‘why has my foundation rubbed off every area I have a blemish can you not?!’

I can’t remember what my previous choice of foundation was prior to picking up a sample of Estee Lauder Double Wear, probably a sign of flitting between anything and everything, but after taking a chance at the beauty counter recently, it’s safe to say I’ve fallen for a foundation.

Now this is pretty cult status amongst most so I won’t dip into too much detail, however I’ll give you the gist – 45 shades, a medium almost high coverage formula that’s easy to build, bit of SPF and it’s one heck of a finish if you have sometimes try sometimes oily complexion. It’s comfortable on the skin, blends easily and looks naturally perfecting whilst sticking around for hours – a blessing, a true all-rounder that I can’t believe I’ve been devoid of for so long. On another plus note, it’s great at covering my major breakouts so if that’s not tempting enough, just go give it a swatch anyway.

As you can see, I’ve still only got the sample but I’m definitely picking up a full sized soon and maybe even venture into a summer shade or the light formula – who knows?! Let’s go crazy, but one thing’s for sure: I completely love Estee Lauder and if you’ve got combination skin like me, you will too. A perfect all-year round winner.

Have you got a current favourite foundation? Are you a fan of Estee Lauder?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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