Why isn’t size a constant across the board?
I’m going to be really basic and state my reasoning for this thought this week is that I bought a pair of side-tie bikini bottoms in an 8 and from the same brand a high-waisted pair, but because one was more ‘sucky in’ I had to get a 10 (possibly 12) to even get my lady hips in. Surely we should just make sizing easy and not a guess game of am I small or a medium? She is wearing small and I usually get small but she has no hips so what do I do? The challenges of online shopping.

I am in Mexico and I am excited!
Right about now I’m probs sleeping to cancel out any jet-lag I may have from flying yesterday, but I am so excited for this week on the beach. You can follow my trip on Snapchat (laurenbritloves) and Instagram (laurenbrittonloves) plus there will still be content on here and my YouTube so it’s like I’ve never been away! Bring on the 32 degrees please.

British spring y u no one consistent temperature or weather?!
One minute it’s 17 degrees and you’re regretting your jumper and the next you switch to a t-shirt and it pours. England.

 Daily blogging has grown on me
To be honest, it makes me stressed sometimes because there is literally no day without a break in content, but it’s made me more concise, to the point, and personal (I hope?) I’m planning a full review of this challenge soon, but it’s safe to say I will try adding an extra post or video to my schedule to keep the juices flowing. As they say.

I wish I could put tahini in everything
I’ve done that thing again where I have a food and then want to eat it constantly; every salad, stirfry, even roasted veg, I want to add tahini somewhere. Creamy dishes never suited me but it’s nutty enough that it adds body to a dish plus flavours well with mint or coriander. Slather it on your next salad promise?

What have been your Sunday or weekly thoughts?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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