What would happen if I just stopped blogging?
Not happening any time soon, but sometimes I catch myself in the mirror and think ‘who are you doing this for? Is your content benefitting anyone other than yourself? If you just stopped doing posts and videos, just used social media for being social would it be any different? Would people care? Thoughts that scare you at night.

Man 17 degrees is warm I am roasting – wait I’m going on holiday how will I survive?
Literally, so many British problems. I am ready to warm my cold-blooded soul until I am source of heat energy and you could cook eggs on me. But not really because vegan.

Why won’t Tinder connect to my Facebook? What does this mean?!
Am I not meant to find love online? Is it subliminally saving me from awkward conversations? Or does Facebook just hate me because I never use it properly any more? #sozmark

I’ve been posting everyday this month which means content whilst I’m holiday so look out for that, but I’m now realising HA I have to start decanting lotions and creams and check I have all my swimsuits whilst getting stuff done before, during and after my holiday. No rest for the wicked ey?

Do I have too much skincare?
I think this is easily answered by looking at my bathroom drawers. There’s one dedicated to ‘still to try’. Sigh.

What thoughts have crossed your mind this week? How are you spending your Sunday?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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