I’m a big believer in curing ailments both from the inside and out, it’s why I invest so much in skincare and also general health and food I consume. Although I have enough cleansers for four people, there’s always room for more foods in my diet to give my diet the boost it needs to function properly and help clear up my skin along the way.

Everything from meat to veg, nuts and fruit can help your skin clear up, but I’m just going to focus on plant-based/vegan foods as it’s what I eat regularly and can talk with knowledge about, plus anyone (meat eater or vegan) can eat! Grab your pen and make sure these are in your next shop…

Pumpkin Seeds

These little green seeds can contribute to nearly your daily RA of zinc, vitamin E and magnesium, and are crucial in supporting immunity, skin and eye health, cell renewal plus your quality of sleep!


Every type of mushroom has a high dosage of zinc, and even better on a plant-based diet as their texture can mimic a substantial meaty base in any meal.


These yummy porridge toppers can provide 6% of your RDA of zinc, plus they have added vitmain E which if also great for skin. Chuck a load in your breakfast and maybe swap your milk for almond too!


The only plant-based food with the most zinc in it, it’s the perfect base to a salad – it is best wilted as it releases more of its nutrients, but raw is still as delicious and crunchy on your plate.


The old-age ‘up your water’ message, but by drinking 1.5l minimum a day (2 or 3 if you’re a champ) you’ll help flush out toxins, clean your liver and kidneys, and make your skin brighter and smoother than before – you’ll see results even in 3 weeks!

Flax Seeds

Alongside omega-3 and fibre, flax are a brilliant source of zinc. Simply dust a tablespoon over your porridge, soup, smoothie or yogurt for an extra boost that’ll get your digestion moving.


The base of the ever fave houmous, chickpeas are an all-round fab food as it’s high in zinc, protein and fibre, whilst keeping you full on lower calories and providing you with a wide range of vitamins to keep your body healthy.

Dark Chocolate

As if we need more reasons to eat chocolate? Now this only applies to 72% Dark and higher, but a square or two daily will give you a sweet high minus the additional calories and fat that comes with milk chocolate. Go on, have a nibble 😉

It’s important not to over-consume any vitamin as it can lead to ailments, but by making sure you get 80-100% of your RDA including zinc and vitamin E whilst upping your water intake, you’ll see your skin freshen up and clear those blemishes quicker than before!

Do you use both food and skincare to soothe your skin? What are your favourite zinc-based foods? Will you be trying any of these in your diet?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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