So I’m heading to Mexico tomorrow, how exciting is that?! It’s literally been a crazy 4 weeks booking, finalising and prepping everything for a week in the sun (32 degrees, can I get a hallelujah) but I’m excited to go on my first beach holiday in 3 years and have little bit of zen in my life. I’m planning on finishing the last two Harry Potter books, eating a lot of fruit, getting an on-point tan and snapping every sunset for that perfect Instagram. All crucial points for any holiday.

You could say the run up prep has been a wee bit rushed – que a new exercise routine I can do in my room, cries of needing to shave my legs (and get things waxed, crying out loud) and frantically finding bikinis and costumes. Safe to say I’m set now, bit there’s a few more things I’ve been doing routinely to get myself feeling fab for a week in the sun.

Firstly, I am so pale it’s not cool. Usually faux tanning isn’t my thing because I cannot reach my back (basically, cba) but I picked up the Dove DermaSpa Summer Revival in Medium/Dark on the recommendation of Anna for a natural hint of glow before arrival. It dries down evenly and to start it smells quite fresh but later it will smell biscuity however I love that smell too as it always reminds me of holidays; I would also recommend Medium/Dark as Light doesn’t give any colour payoff at all and you want that glow fast right?

Clear skin is something I always fret about before events or seeing other humans, so I’ve been wanting something that will drag out the grime and clogged pores, and after many people saying ‘this is the best mask’ I’ve gone back to Origins Clear Improvements Mask – when I first used this years ago it left my skin burning red but with the Origins Maskimizer Spray it helps the mask cleanse deeper and keep my skin softer despite the drying clay. Safe to say my pores are looking much clearer (and all those little buggers that came up are swiftly on the way out – resultttt.

My nails have gone to pot again recently so it’s been time to show some TLC – I’ve been moisturising them daily with cuticle balm and oil to add some moisture back in whilst popping on a coupe of coats of base coat to strengthen, all ready for some bold shades! Speaking of TLC, I picked up this Emjoi Micro Pedi Nano at the Look Fantastic event last week and it’s seriously saved my heels; feet aren’t really my most looked after area but now they’re like clouds and super smooth – thanks ladies!

Finally I’m giving my body a boost with some much needed Omega 3, 6 + 9 Vegan Supplements so I’m all ready for the sun plus giving my diet the nutrients I need. Being plant based I don’t get all the vitamins I need but combined with my daily hemp milk I’ll be getting more than enough – oh wait, they won’t have hemp on holiday, that means no porridge what are you kidding me I’m going to have to experiment?! When in Mexico, as they sometimes say…

What are your pre-holiday essentials? Are you off anywhere nice this year? Have you tried any of these products?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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