I’ve mentioned Mario Badescu a fair few times now on my channel, and after testing the brand for almost a month now, it’s obvious to say it’s worthy of all the praise. I first heard about Mario Badescu in Estee’s videos, and after spotting the range in Liberty I couldn’t resist picking up most of the acne clearing products (for birthday purposes of course) to see how well they worked – because you always need more skincare.

For a cleanser, Acne Facial Cleanser is both gentle and effective – there’s no real detection of balm, foam, even exfoliants but it mixes in with the water to subtly lather and lift grime from the skin, although you get this anywhere near the eye and it will cause it dry out so this isn’t one to massage all over. Afterwards, my skin doesn’t feel dry or stripped of moisture, and it has a pleasant neutral smell to refresh each morning, and I can say that after using this every day (morning and night’s I double cleanse) it has only show a slight dent in product (result) and has made my skin feel smoother, cleansed and easier to manage – especially with clarifying masks! A true holy grail.

Now I had already bought the Buffering Lotion before hearing it was Kylie Jenner’s go-to spot-blitzer, but the girl isn’t wrong about how awesome (and cheap) this product is. At £12, this little bottle is a life saver and spot fighter, taking down surface and under-skin bumps in a few days without irritation or nasty chemicals. I’ve popped this all over my face, back, wherever there are bumps and it’s seriously sped up healing time – it’s save to say I’ve stocked up!

I’m a huge fan of creams and oils, layering up that hydration in the evening and the Seaweed Night Cream is nothing short of divine; sure, it smells a little bit like floral grandmas, but smell aside the texture and finish to the product is nothing but fresh. An oil-free cream with a green tinge to help redness, it easily works and settles into the skin, overing moisture and hydration without making your skin overly oily and helping to calm and soothe irritation – definitely one for all skin-types and perfect for a ‘just so soft and smooth’ feeling.

This last item was interesting as it’s almost a deconstructed mask – the Silver Powder Mask is just an ‘add-water’ formula that helps calm and clear blackheads or breakouts, getting rid of infection and generally taking away any anger in the skin. The mask has some great pros: you don’t need to fuss over steaming your face as it just goes straight to the pores to do it’s job, it really knocks back redness and size of spots, plus you get a lot of product. My only cons are the actual application of the product – you’re supposed to apply by dampening a cotton pad, dipping it into the powder and wiping across the face, which is easy enough until it clumps together on the pad and makes it either hard to disperse or it crumbles and falls off in chunks if there’s not enough water. It also doesn’t full extract blackheads but the excess sebum is dried up making pores look and feel smaller. Overall, it’s pretty good, I just wish it applied easier or could be mixed in a bowl to the same consistency as on the pad.

Overall, this love affair with Mario is only just beginning; I’ve added more products to my wishlist and will be making some repurchases in the near future as I just can’t get enough of what it’s done for my skin. Clear skin champion? It’saMario…

Have you heard of Mario Badescu? What is your current skincare love? What reviews would you like to see next?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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