I’m all about finding somewhere new to eat in London (especially after eating my body weight in Mildreds – that Brownie though, so good) especially if it has some healthy and filling vegan options on the menu. With the recent opening of The Body Studio at Selfridges, the awesome bloggers-turned-health-chef-extraordinaires Hemsley + Hemsley have opened their very own cafe right at the heart of the new lifestyle zone.

It’s only been open a week or so now, but from eating there myself it’s to see it’s popular and definitely worthy of an expansion in a few months time, plus the menu is so well varied that any one of any diet could happily eat there – no more struggles of catering to all diets! I went along to meet Jessica Sepel wish some other lovely bloggers and her publishing team to hear more about her journey with food and nutrition whilst discussing her new book The Healthy Life – well worth a spot on your cooking shelf let me tell you!

The cafe covers everything from breakfast to dinner, starters through to dessert and even some deliciously raw juices – I fancied the Go To Green smoothie and it definitely had that veggie kick, I’d personally add more lemon or mint but it’s flavourful and natural all the same. As I said, the menu has everything from healthy burgers to feta salads, and for more plant-based diets there was a choice of Pesto Roasted Vegetables with Quinoa or Puy Lentils with Beets and Rocket; opting for the latter because my whole life revolves around quinoa, it was filling enough to keep me going through my next meeting plus it had a lovely fresh flavour that left me scraping the bowl for more.

Our whole table was an array of green juices and quinoa, but I heard rave reviews about the burger, chicken and of course the quinoa – but when isn’t quinoa good? – so there’s definitely something to tickle your tastebuds. There isn’t a menu available online, but you can just rock up to the cafe (maybe have a stroll through the fitness section whilst you’re at it, I want all the IVY PARK range) and find a dish or 5 that will give you a healthy boost with flavoursome ingredients.

In terms of price, our juices were £7 but given these were made fresh in the kitchen it’s quite reasonable, and the dishes varied between £8-12 for a main which is pretty standard but excellent for the fresh goodness.

There is definitely cause for expansion if you’re listening Selfridges, and maybe some more seasonal dishes too to keep the menu fresh and exciting, so if you’re into your nutritional eating or have plant-based friends you want to cater for then I highly recommend the new cafe and the whole Body Studio floor!

Have you visited the Hemsley + Hemsley cafe yet? Are you a fan of juices? Will you be visiting The Body Studio?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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