I was originally going to write a post on ‘the struggles of being a subtle vegan’ but I found it didn’t really inform or talk about diet in an interesting way, so I went away, ate some food and thought about food whilst eating the food. The usual, but food is on my mind a lot of the time – always thinking what and when dinner will be, will there be healthy/vegan options? So many questions, but one thing I’ve found since starting my What I Ate This Week videos is that I eat a lot of the same thing, like a lot.

Breakfast isn’t going to be changing anytime soon, I love porridge and it keeps me energised and full all morning, but lunch and dinner is a different story – I can end up with the same lunch daily, sometimes even eating the leftovers for dinner or making a variety of meals with the same ingredients. In the moment, it seems okay, but looking back over footage you starting thinking ‘man I am so boring with food!’, so I’ve coupled together some of my new favourite cookbooks with a meal planner and shopping list to get my meals varied once and for all…

I met Madeleine Shaw at an event last month and she’s honestly such a lovely lady, so it was great to finally get stuck into her first book ‘Get The Glow’ which has lots of healthy and nutritional meals for all diets. I like to take her salads or main meals and make them vegan friendly (if they’re not already, but most are!) and it gets me thinking about how even grilled veggies with some dressing and leaf can be enough – there’s me trying to pack everything into a salad so I don’t starve, always thinking with my stomach. The variety of meals plus her ethos for wellbeing makes this book a must on your shelf!

Easy Vegan was a birthday present I desperately needed, as I said I’m lacking a lot in variety so this gave me food for thought – excuse the pun. There’s the usual soup, salad, mains and dessert, but they also show you how to make vegan cheese, yogurt, nut butters, and what you can substitute in each meal to make it dairy free – amazing! So far there are a few recipes I’ve spied including Roasted Peaches which are my fave, so I’ll report back with some recipes myself soon 😉

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Jessica Sepel yesterday at a Selfridges event in the Hemsley + Hemsley Café in the Body Studio – which btw, amazing – and she is such a lovely and informed woman; her recipes and ethos are built from a similar story as mine, struggling with food and eating habits, so her cookbook is filled with clean-eating and nutritional goodies packed with colour and essentials to your daily diet. I particularly love the fact that the first 128 pages are dedicated to the science and factors behind nutrition, body functions and loving your body and diet – brilliant! Can’t recommend this book enough especially learning more and hearing her passion for food and health.

What are your favourite cookbooks? Are you more of a ‘fling it together’ person or follow every step chef? Do you follow a weekly meal plan to cary your diet?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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