I don’t really do many focus posts on brands – because 1) I have too many products and 2) it’s really rare I use a whole range (excluding Mario Badescu, because fave) – but I’ve been trying to break into more natural and vegan friendly brands that will be gentler on my skin now it’s healing up nicely, and one I’ve been particularly loving is INIKA Cosmetics, 100% vegan goodness with products to match.

My favourite of them all is the Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid* which is not only a perfect colour match but is very moisturising on the skin despite consistency; the formula is thick and a fingers only job so you can warm up the product and allow it to disperse evenly, but it blends in beautifully and feels like skin all day long along. I would say it’s medium coverage, so best when you are having a good skin day but it’s easy to layer and looks natural on the skin. There are only four shades running up to a more tanned complexion, but great for pale girls who want something that looks skin-like.

Vegan lipsticks are few and far between, but the range by Inika is very moisturising and soft indeed – each shade has a metallic edge to it which is on trend right now, but it can be off-putting to some so best for either a darker or nude shade in the summer. Personally I’d prefer no shimmer however it’s a great formula that moisturises the lips yet isn’t too creamy it’ll wear off, and gives more of a stained soft finish to the lips which is perfect for ‘just a hint’ of colour to pop your makeup.

These next too are quite similar in formula but have a slight few differences – firstly, colour; the Light Reflect Highlighting Creme* only comes in a pink-nude, frosted shade which when blended out begins off slightly creamy but ends up as a lovely, thin natural shimmer to bring light and dimension to the cheeks. It’s pigmented so I would suggest using it under foundation or BB creams so it blends well, or using a buffing brush to work your base and this together seamlessly. The Creme Eyeshadow* starts off similar to the highlight but again, noticeable differences – there are two shades including a pink, almost rose-gold frosted shade and a more champagne bronze to decide between, and whilst the highlight cream sets almost to skin texture, the eyeshadow has a slightly powdery touch but still some tackiness so you can use it as a base for other powder shadows, but rest assured neither of these show signs of budging once applied!

Finally we have the Vegan Mineral Eyeshadows* and I was hesitant about these at first but there is some serious potential. The two shades I have are Pink and Peach Fetish and whilst they share a similar name they are nowhere near the same – Pink Fetish is very light and shimmery, requiring more layering and blending to even show the colour so this is either best for ‘a hint of shimmer’ when you don’t want a heavy eye, or you need some primer and a white shadow as a base before pressing in to boost pigmentation. Peach however is bold, chrome and very bronzy; just one layer of this without a primer gave serious colour, packed coverage and a lovely summer vibe against my eye which I’m super loving right now! Being mineral, the shadows work best with a brush (fingers won’t give the same finish) and are more prone to dropping pigments so tap the brush thoroughly before applying!

Have you tried Inika Cosmetics before? Are you a fan of cruelty-free/vegan/natural brands? What is your favourite brand right now?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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