I’ve always had a thing for Jo Malone ever since I went for a hand massage with them a few years ago, and since then the beautiful aesthetic bottles and scents have popped up from Instagram flatlays to the dressing tables of my friends who tell me ‘I have to pick something up’ – because friends who are bloggers are best/worst for enabling let me tell you.

After much deliberation and many store visits to spritz scents on every inch of my body and wardrobe, I finally picked a fragrance that ticked all the boxes plus found a soft note to allow me to wear it all year long. Because blending is everyone’s favourite right?

I’ve always loved deep, spicy scents – Tom Ford has always been a favourite, it’s alluring and sexy, but be being a fab beauty blogger I had no idea what all the notes were. Good one Lauren. Many questions later and I’ve settled on Amber and Patchouli being two main scents that align with me perfectly, with others such as Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Pepper and Cinnamon also coming in close because I’m a cold blooded creature and need warm smells to keep me feeling alive.

As I said, I finally found a scent that felt high quality, long-lasting and a perfect match for my spicy needs – Jo Malone Amber and Patchouli Cologne Intense; it’s divine, it’s so heavy and sexy without feeling too much, and I love that it’s the two main scents I love on their own, which makes it simpler and more of a match for my style and personality. Scents can lead to memories and feeling of security, so I don’t like to switch perfumes during the year as it feels confusing but Amber and Patchouli can seem a bit much in the summer, so I’ve been layering it with Amber and Lavender to knock the edge off a little (or simply wearing it alone for a cleaner note) which keeps the deep body consistent but also relaxes and adds softness. Clean yet bodied, a perfect Summer alternative, and the perfect blend made for me.

Have you tried Jo Malone? What are you favourite scents? Will you be layering your perfumes?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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