Here’s a funny story – I’m writing this post on lacking motivation when I myself am lacking motivation. I had no backup posts to turn to, no ideas to whip up quickly, and I’m still suffering from severe Extended Bank Holiday Sleep Deprivation (is that a thing? Let’s make it one).

Obviously I was planning a ‘7 Things To Remember’ post, but I hadn’t figured out what, so with my head a bit fussy and blah from no ideas the day before posting, writing about motivation seemed legit. And ironic.

Don’t beat yourself up

My worst habit, if I’m not prepared and planning ahead, I feel a bit out of the loop, lethargic and unmotivated to do something new. I prefer not to do things in a rush, but there comes a time where you’ve just let yourself relax a bit too long without thinking ahead and BOOM you have no posts scheduled. So yes, I started to beat myself up a little this morning, but realistically no one cares apart from me. If something went out a little late tomorrow, I don’t think too many people would kick up a fuss (likewise I have to film for this weekend, and if I skipped or went barefaced I don’t think too many people would be offended) so just chill, maybe jot down some ideas, write a quick list post 😉 and get your head in gear for a strong week of pillar content.

Tidying and doing the ‘boring tasks’ makes you feel a bit better

Sometimes my brain forgets why this is related, but most days we have little niggles of chores/jobs/exercise/putting washing away etc. that make work seem harder than it is. If you counted how many minutes it realistically takes to do these jobs, you’re looking at as little as 2 minutes to 30 minutes – that’s nothing in the grand scheme of the day. It’s amazing how tidying, cleaning and just putting things away can make other jobs feel easier, and your motivation kick into gear.

Get out the habit of checking your phone

And also close your inbox. I’ve spent whole days replying to emails, and 5 minute intervals checking Twitter incase some huge lol-fest is going on without my knowledge. After a relaxing break or a few days to chill, it’s easy to slip into Scroll Syndrome and head to your emails first, but all of these things can wait (there’s a While You Were Away feature for a reason) and you can throw yourself fully into your main and most pressing tasks.

Get up, walk around, get a cup of tea, come back.

Moving yourself from the zone of Lacking Motivation to somewhere a bit less restrained can allow ideas to flow easily. Just grab a cuppa, sit in the sun, let your mind wander and see what happens.

If that fails, make the biggest list known to man of all potential ideas.

It can start simple: What am I interested in? What do I have coming up in the next few weeks? What things do I really like that I could talk about? You could answer beauty, which leads to skincare, to leads to a new product you’ve tried which equals a review; or maybe it’s beauty, skincare, spring, holiday, travel which leads to a What’s in my Bag post or Updated Skincare Routine. The mind works in mysterious ways.

Overthinking things is going to kill your buzz

I got to this point and thought ‘oh no, is the relevant? Is this post a waste of time?’ and so on, and thinking way too much about it being filler content instead of your usual is just going to make you panic and think you should be doing something else. If it’s easy to write, you’re doing good, you’re enjoying it, and people love to see inner ramblings so just cut loose and go with the flow man. I think I cut too loose then.

Give yourself a little treat for getting shizz done

Whether it’s a pat on the back, a scrummy lunch or 2 hours of YouTube to get it out your system, make the thing you need to work on a fun activity to complete. However you split the job up – 2 paragraphs = a cheeky snack, half the presentation = a 15 minute video break, finishing in record time and feeling dam proud = 2 squares of chocolate and a sit in the sunshine, plus some holiday clothes shopping – then make sure it gets you excited and eager to crack on.

Right, I’ve finished said post, so I’m going on the hunt for food and maybe a bit of list planning and online browsing before I tackle this week’s videos – here’s to motivation….

How do you stay motivated? What gets you through a Friday of work? Are you one to beat yourself up other things?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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