After years of skin issues and reactions, I’ve come to appreciate the magic of more natural and cruelty free brands. There is something about them that both soothes and heals the skin, is good to you, the environment and also the origin ingredients – more and more now, I see brands trying to branch out into vegan alternatives for ingredients, appealing to more natural enthusiasts and coming up with products that are beyond outstanding IMO.

One of the best multi-function brands I’ve found is Dr Bronner, who for years I’ve used their soaps to clean my brushes (honestly the best product I’ve used and cleanest brushes ever) but I’ve not started to add the Lavender* soap into body scrub to help soothe my back as it heals from acne treatment, and no aggravation is caused, just a nice cleanse to calm it down.

Speaking of brushes, I never used to wash mine, nor did I understand the importance of a good brush but after trying several brands, nothing has come close to Real Techniques and Crownbrush; the Expert Face Brush from RT is made up of synthetic hairs that are vegan friendly and are compacted together just perfectly that you can work foundation into the skin easily for a flawless coverage, without soaking up any excess product. Likewise, the Crownbrush SS013 Angle Brush* is the best contouring brush I’ve used for a long time – it’s angled shape fits nicely into the cheekbones (if you is blessed) and is packed enough so the vegan-friendly synthetic hairs won’t bend when working in product, plus it’s super fluffy and picks up the perfect amount of powder to create a lovely shadow!

Makeup is sometimes a tricky one when it comes to cruelty-free/natural/vegan ingredients, but over time I’ve discovered some fantastic products that make the skin feel like skin and keep it happy at the same time. When buying Korean brands, I opt for cruelty-free products and been impressed time and time again by the longevity and finish of Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Primer – it keeps oil at bay, holds your face in place all day, and feels weightless on the skin! Again, I’m all about the base and you’ll have seen that Inika Liquid Foundation* (a vegan and organic must) has become my go-to for coverage. It may need slackening down, but it gives a healthy, skin-like finish whilst hydrating and feeling as good as it did on application all day long.

Oddly, I’m finishing with skincare, but you know I’m all about the skincare and it’s here that my complexion is really seeing a difference; for the past few weeks I’ve been adding S5 Blemish Purity Serum* into my routine and it’s honestly help knock back those last few bumps around my chin thanks to Rainforest Picão Preto and Alpine Epilobium Fleisheri, and the small handy size is great if you have a skincare problem at specific times – aka hormonal – because the ingredients are formulated with a short shelf-life due to the natural properties, so you can use it for as long or short as you need, without worrying you’ll lose the amazing properties.

Hydration has been really key during my skin treatment, and for a real boost I’ve loved Evolve Beauty Miracle Facial Oil* which contains amazing ingredients including Rosehip, Black Cumin and Argan Oil which all hydrate and treat acne organically. It’s lovely to soak into the skin when needing a boost, plus the price is FAB! If you need something a little bit more intensive, you can’t beat Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask* – a few times now I’ve slathered it on in dry desperation and come out with plumped, happy skin which feels renewed and clear again.

Now I’m off to slather myself in some lovely natural goodies and get my skin all plumped to perfection, but I’d love to hear what you think – Are you a fan of natural/cruelty-free beauty? Have you tried these brands? What are you priorities in ingredients?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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