Inspiration is a crucial element in progression; it drives our work, our style, our ethics, our ideas and even our routines, and without it we wouldn’t strive to create the content we desire of ourselves. Sometimes I find it hard to feel truly earth-shatteringly knocked by words or ideas, to have my perspective changed, but there are those few gems that have really spoken to me and make me want to be better in myself.

Marina Diamandis

No artist or music has ever caused a physical reaction from me like Marina; from lightly sobbing in my bedroom when each album came out to full on bawling when I saw her live, there’s something about the words and truthful pain and growth behind them that makes me feel understood, realised, and able to move forward. To see reflections of yourself in another and have them relay it in a better way, helps you identify what you want to be, how you want to be, and feel able to achieve anything.

YouTube Bootcamp

I have mentioned my trip to YouTube countless times now, but with information so vastly available these days, it’s nice to have a sit-down personal and interactive experience to feel connected to something larger. It’s easy to say ‘Google it’ to any question or desire, but heading to the HQ of Internet life really made me think about what I wanted to do online and understand the complex but obvious things I needed to do to get there. Also, it was refreshing to see that as a company, YouTube want you to grow and do well – so here’s to pleasing senpai.

Liz Gilbert

God damn this woman can write, and what’s better is she’s aware that not every loves her style but she’s going to rock it anyway. If that isn’t someone with a passion and love for what they create I don’t know what is, and the way she lays down words has caught me in a stream of ‘YES I CAN’. Eat, Pray, Love is one of my favourite books (pizza and Bali, yes please), but it’s Big Magic that was the first real book to make me feel scared, alive, confident and inspired in myself and my work. Being a creative can be difficult – is anything ever ‘done’? How do I improve? Are others doing better than me? Can I be happy and inspiring rather than tortured and emotional? If you need a kick up the bum and tough love in an honest yet reassuring voice, buy Big Magic now.

My friends

A lot of my friends are bloggers, creatives, people who have qualities I admire and aspire to. A lot of them I wish I could be as successful as, or as funny, or as loved, but if all the other people above have taught me anything, it’s that there’s a reason you’re doing your own thing and it’ll be rewarded or recognised in your own time. It’s easy to come into a blogging circle and feel envy, but the friends I have made online are all wonderful humans that pick you up, inspire you to do more, give you advice and see all your good qualities. They let you photograph them, they share your videos, they give you an idea for a post, they tell you your worth more money and you can do so much with yourself. They teach me to be confident, to converse, to see the bigger picture, and that there is always something to be grateful for. Best of all, they all seem to like me and make me feel myself, so that’s enough to inspire me to keep doing what I do best.

Who or what are your biggest inspirations? How do they make you perform better? Share your most inspirational moment below!

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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