A few weeks ago before I decided to cut down my bread and pasta intake because Spring is near and I don’t need all the carbs (sob), I was invited along to La Cucina Caldesi Italian cookery school for an evening of pizza, Prosecco and personalisation; granted I skipped the drink but vegan pizza and some lovely personalised products? I’m all ears.

I Just Love It specialise in unique personalised gifts from plates and homeware to makeup bags and stationery, so to show off their new pieces we were tasked with making our own creation of pizza in an authentic Italian manner, becoming culinary goddesses and 99% bread by 8pm.

Photo by Luke Carey

Head Chef Stefano had already prepared our bases to prove, but showed us how to make the perfect Italian pizza dough including the stretchy gluten and shaping techniques to ensure it would cook properly. Once we were taught the two preferred methods of flattening our pizza – rolled thin or stretched and tossed about like traditional Neapolitan pizza – it was pizza topping time; everything from roasted peppers, anchovies, mushrooms, capers, pesto and salami, it is key not to overload your pizza with sauce as it becomes soggy and hard to transfer to the oven (which is a task in itself).

Photo by Luke Carey

Photo by Luke Carey

Cooking only took 5 minutes so soon we were all digging into our doughy delights – mine was sufficiently doughy and puffed up, with a lovely base of semolina thanks to the pizza paddle that was coated in it for grip in the oven. I went for a base of tomato, mushroom and peppers topped with basil, olives and pesto for flavour – honestly, sublime!

A huge personal thank you to IJLI for organising the tasty event, and if you love a little big of personalisation yourself, make sure to check out their range of products, but I’d love to hear your thoughts – Are you a pizza fan? Do you like personalised gifts? What is your fave pizza topping?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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