Prepare yourself for a very photo-heavy and deliciously yummy post, because as far as I’m concerned food this good deserves a bit of extra loving; you will have already seen in my vlog that I headed into London for a cooking event with Madeleine Shaw, and it was possibly the best combination of events for me – cooking food, photographing food, meeting amazing people, and eating the food. Honestly, the perfect combo.

I’m a big believer in seasonal eating, so with spring coming into full swing the berries are out in force and getting towards that riper and more juicy sweetness we love in the warmer months, and they are absolutely perfect to use in both savoury and sweet dishes. Madeleine (the absolute babe behind Get The Glow and so lovely IRL) helped host a 3 hour cooking class to show us the various possibilities of berry based recipes, all healthy and high in nutrition, and guaranteed to make you feel fuller and satisfied.

Firstly we got to making batches of Yogurt Dipped Strawberries, with us dairy-free lot opting for Co-Yo mixed with honey (which honestly, was the most delicious thing ever and I’m replicating it for my birthday) – the easiest way to get a sweet fix, just mix together the yogurt, dip your strawbs and freeze until set before devouring the lot. Which we did.

For our main dish we opted for something more savoury and stomach filling; the perfect mix of carbs, protein, fruit and flavour – Roasted Celeriac with Quinoa and Raspberries. Madeleine showed us how a blend of fresh herbs and spices could transform the celeriac – part of the same vegetable family as Celery – from being a simple food to a delicious component. With the mix of fresh thyme, honey and rosemary in a base of Avocado Oil (which has as high a smoking point as Coconut Oil, and a lovely substantial flavour), we roasted small cubes of celeriac for 40 minutes whilst we worked on cooking our quinoa, tasting the fresh berries dotted around and then finally sampling the frozen strawberries – all devoured, so delicious.

Once everything was cooked, we mixed in the raspberries to the quinoa which transferred the colour across, making it a very visual dish (and perfect for a special occasion – aka, any meal time). Seasoning to preference and combining all the components together on a plate, our dishes were garnished with fresh berries and thyme before being absolutely beaten by the size of the dish, yet enjoying the fresh flavours and textures that kept me full until 5pm.

Having made a berry/savoury dish before, I can hands down say it’s one of the most flavourful and interesting meals to eat, especially as the weather warms up, and Madeleine also shared some fab tips on how food can be essential in helping skin ailments such as spots and acne – hint hint, lots of zinc and Vitamin C + E.

There are so many ways to incorporate berries into your diet, and after giving a read of our gifted recipe booklet and Madeleine’s Get The Glow book, I’m definitely going to freshen up my meals with some berry goodness (and all the zinc!). But I’d love to hear your thoughts – are you a fab of berries? Have you read Madeleine’s book? What is your favourite flavour combination for summer?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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