When you get to know me really well, you’ll see how much my life revolves around food – when’s break? Do you have a snack? Will there be quinoa? OMG we’re going for lunch, let me spend an hour going over the menu! There’s always a 99% chance I’ll get hungry two hours after eating, so keeping snacks to hand to prevent hangry pangs is always a must (for the safety of everyone around me as well as my stomach).

There’s the usual grab-and-go vegan snacks – dark chocolate, almonds and snack bars – but I’m always looking for something more, a wider range of yummy healthy snacks to satisfy my hunger and thankfully I’ve found it in the newly relaunched Earlybird Snack Boxes*!

Snack boxes have been around for ages, yes, but Earlybird has a strong focus on 100% natural ingredients, no refined sugars and catering more for vegan snackers which is something I struggle with when wanting a sweet something.

I will admit, I’ve eaten quite a few of the snacks already and have been impressed with the flavours, ingredients and creativity of each box; sometimes I do want something more filling but if you want to keep yourself sustained without giving into a bad craving or compromising your habits.

Similarly, you get to pick and choose which snacks you taste each week, and I would highly recommend the Jumping Beans and Raspberry Coconut Jelly (even if just for the little natural jelly sweets because YUM), plus the fact you get a new interesting tea to try each week – always love a herbal tea – and the packaging is not only super cute but designed to be sustainable and recyclable to the environment and businesses they work with. Pretty darn good huh?

If Easter weekend has got you full of chocolate and wanting something a bit healthier to start Spring with, I’d definitely recommend these tasty Earlybird boxes to keep you snacking happily on-the-go (or devoured in an instant, if you’re me).

Are you a fan of snack boxes? What keeps you sustained during the day? Does your life revolve around food?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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