In the last year, acne and skin conditions have been discussed more openly than before and the conversation and acceptance that has come with it has been remarkable. Twice in the last 4 years I have had long-term outbreaks due to imbalance in my body, the first ‘cured’ with antibiotics and hopeful wishing my hormones would even out (which they eventually did after a year) and the second which has been ongoing since last April. It never fully went away from the last time, always in the back of my mind and showing signs in my body, but for some reasons which I’m still unclear on my hormones just went out of whack again, which affected all aspects of my life and skin again.

I never wanted to treat my skin with antibiotics, I didn’t want to be medicated but I wanted to find a cure for the cause, so since Summer last year I’ve tried various methods to get everything aligned again – from supplements to skincare, exercise and diet changes, I found some things worked really well and others still left more bumps than I’d care for. But now, just under a week before my 22nd birthday, my skin (both face and back) is starting to look normal again.

Okay, I’ll admit, I get very self-conscious about my jumper or top slipping down too much to reveal the last few healing scars, to wear a sheer back top or think about bikinis that may display a blemished yet semi-healed surface finally purged of all the outbreaks, but I’m actually starting to like my skin for once.

My current routine combines targeted skincare, daily supplements, lots of water and my Acne Blue Light Treatment and as of the last month, my face has shown huge improvement; any remaining bumps are shrivelling up slowly but surely, are basically unnoticeable, and my skin feels super soft and smooth. Granted, I haven’t yet found the perfect de-congesting face mask to suck out all the blackheads and oil still lingering around (blackheads you are the bane of my teenage and adult life, please leave) and I’ve stopped doing my version of extractions and tried to leave it to regular steaming and clay to solve, but as U2 once said I still haven’t found what I’m looking for in the ultimate clarifying and pore-closing department. Help would be much appreciated.

Other than that, I’ve loved using Mario Badescu skincare (more on the range another time) and the Buffering Lotion rocks, and also Pixi Glow Tonic and Sunday Riley Luna Oil; for internal care I take a Liver Support supplement every morning which helps process excess toxins and hormones in my bloodstream, and also multivitamins to keep my health in general check. Also I’ve upped my intake of zinc and vitamin E based foods – so lots of pumpkin seeds, almonds, spinach, chickpeas, chia seeds and porridge – which keeps the minerals circulating all day long.

As I said, my back still gives me discomfort in potential situations it may be on display, and I fear people will notice and make a comment, but I know compared to last year, 90% of the pain, deep roots and disgust I saw has gone. Only pink marks remain, a few last lumps fighting a fight that they’re quickly losing, and I’m hoping by April they’ll just be faded memories.

Of course, this method is a slower but more natural process, so I may get a breakout mid-progress because hormones and time of the month is a thing, and it really is a two steps forward one leap back, and right now it’s looking positive – 3 minutes on my face and back every day with Tria dries out the sebum and kills bacteria, zinc and sulpher kick the redness and bacteria up the butt and take down any deep-set or potential pimples, and keeping myself both exfoliated and hydrated has helped my skin to balance.

I’m proud of my skin now, and I’m proud of myself for being able to say that.

Have you had or currently experiencing acne? How have you combatted the outbreaks? What is your journey?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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