Since going on my YouTube course, I’ve been thinking about what makes my channel about me and what parts of me make my channel. I do sometimes feel a bit lost but to be honest it took a little sit-down (and an afternoon of Sims 4) to identify that the one thing I harp on about constantly is that I’m a skincare gal – I love skincare, it’s what I use daily, I invest in it and it’s what primarily has helped with my acne.

After my last round of antibiotics when I was 17, I was adamant not to use them again and instead use natural methods to sort my body and skin out. Yes, it takes longer, you still get the odd outbreak, but it’s so much better now and after watching an old video of me yesterday when my skin was covered in deep eruptions, I realised just how far I’ve come.

Back to skincare though, and I’ve always been one to invest in what I buy and try not to mix it up too much so I cans see a difference, so I’ve rounded-up the 5 best brands and products that have shown considerable positive effects to my skin (and happiness too – woohoo!)

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Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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