Trusting a person online is a big deal for me; trust in what they write will be honest, trust that they create quality content, trust they are a good person and trust that they’ll actually add enjoyment or insight to your life whilst mid-scroll. There are some I’ll follow across all platforms, and some I’ll only follow in places, but the whole ‘follow’ thing is for me a way of connecting with people I think I’d get on with IRL or inspire me to be better.

Sometimes, I get scared to follow people like it’s some big commitment to a relationship, but even with that social detachment of them ‘just being through a screen’ you are actively engaging and becoming a part of someone’s life, because you want to know what they’re doing and loving and also you’re also helping them succeed too. It may just be in my head, but clicking follow for me is like saying you agree to be involved with that person’s life and experiences, and that’s why I’ve become selective.

As I said, I follow people because I trust their honesty, their content and the impact they have on my life (and yes there are some I follow primarily to be nosey and clicking unfollow would be like some huge detachment from the online world), but I wanted to delve deeper into what makes me – and you – trust people online who we may never meet, or see the potential in friendships and relationships forming by doing so.

What they write is interesting

Whether it’s tone of voice, interests or topics covered, there is that special something that shows they believe what they write and they want you to believe it too. There’s captivation and depth, even if it’s in 300 words, and sometimes that’s all you need.

Sharing similarities

I buy most of my beauty products on the recommendations of bloggers I trust, purely because they give more in-depth pros and cons into the items they review – even if it is a speedy 3 minute video – and you can find several people from across the world with access to brands and products that suits your needs than you may have found overwhelming before.

Quality over quantity

Not in the sense of a glossier image or editing sequence making content better, but more that you can see their qualities and enjoyment in the content they’re producing rather than them being super regular in your feed. I for one try to post often with quality, but you could still do three posts a week with fab ideas and thought across the board and have as engaged an audience as someone posting something okay every day (But then again, that’s just my preference).

Our personal preferences

At the end of the day, we’re all going to like certain bloggers over others – we all have a specific thing we desire to read, a certain character we identify with, or a lifestyle we resonate with; I like bloggers and YouTubers with whom I feel grounded, that you could easily chat with and who are passionate about their content (whatever it is), and that you know are so excited about each thing they make. Sometimes I like quick videos, sometimes I like long vlogs, other times I want to pop a gaming video on for an hour so I can switch off and be entertained, and then there are blogs I want to catch up with because not only are the people behind them fabulous, their reviews and lookbooks inspire me to try harder.

Whatever the type of content is, I’d love to hear what makes you trust a blogger – is it the category in which they blog? The style of writing? Does everyone else trust them and you feel you can too? Or is it something else entirely – let me know!

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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