I know, it’s not even remotely near Valentine’s Day anymore and it would be more apt to have an Easter post, but hey, we all love food and this year we decided last minute to go all out on the carbs because it’s Valentine’s and you can treat yo’self.

Thankfully on hand was an amazing Italian hamper sent by Expedia for their #ExpediaOnAPlate campaign, which contained some of the most drool worthy ingredients I’ve seen – Italian is possibly my favourite cuisine despite all the cheese and dairy, but a few switched here and there and you wouldn’t even know. The hamper itself contained everything from Garlic and Chilli Infused Oil, Chocolate Covered Figs, Tomato Truffle Sauce and true fresh Italian Egg Fettuccini; heaven on a plate.

Opting for something classic, there was a starter of Olive Ciabatta with a mix of Basil Pesto and Sundried Tomato Pate with Balsamic Vinegar, and then the main feast itself was a classic tomato and pasta mix but with a huge hit of flavour; mixing together Mushrooms infused in oil, tablespoon of Arrabiata spice mix, Tomato Truffle Sauce and plain tomatoes, it was simple yet full of heat (maybe too much) yet a lovely earthy undertone that made the dish that more satisfying. Whilst Mum had Fettuccini, I went for a gluten/dairy free spinach pasta which was equally yummy and colourful in the bowl.

There were sides of rocket and spinach, and to finish the lovely chocolate figs (and also a very homemade and delicious looking Prosecco, but seeing as I don’t drink I’m saving this beauty for my birthday) which really made the meal a quick yet authentically delicious dish that tasted as if it had come from the heart of Italy itself.

The meal itself has inspired me to look up holidays to Rome (my favourite city) and reignite the flame to travel the country for foodie delights, and Expedia has loads of holidays available here which I’m 100% getting wanderlust over right now – can I just hope on a plane to Rome and land on the Spanish Steps now please? I’ll take a bowl of pasta too whilst you’re at it…

What did you do or eat on Valentine’s Day? Are you an Italian foodie fan? Where will your next holiday be?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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