Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, I could eat my version of porridge three times a day if I wanted but always savour it for those energy boosting mornings to fill my stomach with satisfaction. I’ve found my breakfast needs a balance of sweet and grounding tastes hence the mix of porridge, hemp milk, protein powder, Manuka honey and almonds – it works like a dream – but it makes finding other breakfasts to enjoy hard – no toast for me, too much carbs, so when POM got in touch and asked if I’d like to try out their juice and also have someone come to my house and cook me breakfast, I was more than willing to try something new.

Vegan breakfasts are a bit of a special thing for me so I was excited to see what would be on the menu – to my delight it was pancakes and chocolate mousse with an omelette and true Italian coffee, and I never get to have decent pancakes because of eggs so I was more than pleased. Researching more into the company providing breakfast, La Belle Assiette offer a service where chefs come into your home and cook a spread for a party you’re hosting, teach intense workshops on pastry or specific cuisines, or just as a treat for yourself. Our chef Alec was fantastic – Italian born and bred, going above and beyond on the vegan alternatives and teaching me how to make fluffy pancakes and coffee that will give you an insane buzz.

Whilst Alec started on the pancakes and coffee, we readied the POM juice which was sent along to compliment the breakfast and definitely got my tastebuds ready for a sweet course. The coffee was an Italian classic, Caffé con la Crema made in a Mocha machine (Mocha in Italy is not the same as our Starbucks, more the process of how the coffee is brewed and served), slowly brewed and then sweetened in the most interesting manner – a few teaspoons of sugar in a small glass, whipped with the top layer of brewed coffee which is slowly added to combine the liquid and produces nearly a cream-like texture that is topped up by black rich coffee. Now, I don’t drink coffee because I’m pretty wacky at the best of times but I drank two of these due to the delicate, light flavour which felt substantial and creamy at times, perfectly balanced with sweetness. it was only about 4 hours later when the buzz and crash hit me simultaneously and it was intense but man I could never have regular coffee again. Just be ready to lie down after you knock one of these back if you’re weak like me.

As I said, pancakes were up first and Alec had gone beyond to create the perfect mixture that would produce fluffy pancakes without the regular egg binder, but still taste as good as those American fluffy stacks we dream off from The Breakfast Club. We found that small pancakes worked best for cooking along with the use of basic Olive Oil wiped around the base of the pan, and out came a small but filling stack of Vegan Pancakes, topped with Avocado Chocolate Mousse (I had to go back and eat the remains whilst editing the photos), blueberries and Agave Nectar. Honestly? I’ve never had a better treat breakfast. My past attempts at pancakes without egg have been disheartening and nowhere as good as the real thing but these were sensational – I’ve never been quieter when eating or tried to finish a plate of food slower – I almost forgot to take photos of the omelette due to me being so engrained in eating these. The avocado mousse was delicious, the perfect balance of flavours and more reason to eat avocado which is good for me.

Whilst we were finishing off the pancakes, Alec started on the Tofu Omelette which combined silken tofu, Nutritional Yeast and houmous to create a similar texture and taste to a regular omelette. We went for a more heavy savoury filling with mushrooms and onions to absorb the sugar of the pancakes and caffeine from earlier, a perfectly small size to balance out the sweet and keep us filled up until late afternoon. I’ve never had an omelette before because I don’t like eggs but the texture of this was just as I imagined – crisp on the edge, fluffy and ‘eggy’ or silky in the middle, toppings mixed in and feeling very substantial on your plate and in your stomach; the side of spinach and tomatoes helped lighten the flavour to add a mix of freshness, and after all the cups of coffee, POM juice and sweet pancakes it was a great way to balance out the meal.

Trust me to write 800 words on food, typical, but Alec was a wonderful chef and made the whole experience and food a joy to eat. After competing on Masterchef, he was more than okay with a camera in his cooking space, plus he has a great personal website here if you’re in the London area and need some quality cooking!

So, thanks to POM and La Belle Assiette for arranging a fabulous breakfast, and for Alec to whipped up an amazing spread for us to enjoy and have me thinking about all week long. But now I want to hear from you – what’s your favourite breakfast? Have you tried POM juice? Would you love a personal chef to come cook in your home?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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