If there’s anything I’ve learnt about the beauty industry it’s that all standards and ingredients used have been changed and expanded on in the last few years, and one of the main things I’ve seen crop up is snail; those slimy things that get all over your garden and bin at a slow pace are now being dubbed skin saviours by the Korean beauty market due to their secretion – yes you heard – being a beneficial property in promoting elasticity and moisture to the skin.

My limit was pushed by snail cream; I knew it was something that worked and raved about highly but putting snail secretion on my face?! The ingrained thought that you cannot touch slimy things that are gross outdoor creatures and put it on your skin prevented me for ages, but after much research and a little swab of cream on my hand I was put more at ease – the snails themselves are allowed to roam before the product makers collect the secretion, process it into powder and then incorporate a refined form of it into creams for consumers. So no snails harmed and not literal straight from the ground slime on my face.

Two I’ve been testing out are the Ladykin Affinitic Snail Cream Minatures, the blue being a Whitening Moisturiser to bring rough skin back to life (thanks to 80% secretion) whilst brightening, and the Pink is more moisturising due to the 82% secretion filtrate to improve damaged skin, softness and elasticity. It also contains Vitamin A, C and E and helps prevent wrinkles and external irritants so it seem that snail may be the way forward…

Since switching between the snail creams, my face has felt softer and more hydrated, plumper and honestly if you just pretend the word ‘secretion’ doesn’t exist it makes application must easier. In the end, you get over it, it’s another ingredient but snail is definitely a winning natural property for skincare this year, plus as with all Korean brands you’re guaranteed a cute bit of packaging also 😉

Be like the snail and keep yourself moisturised and plump all year long, you won’t regret it.

How do you feel about using snail secretion in your skincare? Have you heard about products containing snail? Will you be trying any similar or more Korean based beauty products?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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