I’m a ‘three meals a day’ kinda gal (unless it’s Christmas then it’s definitely four) but there comes a point where I want an extra nibble here or there, or simply want to switch up what I’m eating for a healthier alternative – although bread will forever be bae, I can’t get enough of all the breads.

With this in mind, Holland and Barrett asked if alongside my new supplements I’d like to try some healthy alternatives to start and carry me through the new year (because wellbeing and health isn’t just a resolution it’s a lifestyle – I think I’ve said that before, maybe it’ll become my catchphrase?) and as a foodie I couldn’t say no because anything that keeps me sustained without the nasties is always of interest.

Hangry Lauren is not a pretty sight, and despite the number of times I’ve said ‘oh I don’t need a snack I’m fine’ I will get hungry fast. Snack bars are the easiest way to replenish your energy, and brands like Nak’d and Bounce are great to pop in your bag – I personally haven’t always liked the taste of Nak’d but always willing to try things again and I’ve heard fab things about Bounce, so maybe it’s time to become a convert; for something a little bit sweet, Bear Yo Yo is the healthier version of those Winders ‘fruit rolls’ we all had in the 00’s, and I’m always partial to a little sweet after lunch so it’s a great little pick me up as are the Beyond Dark 70% Dark Chocolate Drops (dairy free too, hallelujah) which I always finds gives me a boost in energy and balances my sugar levels, and I’m one of those people who can eat 90% Dark Chocolate too so the darker the better (and healthier!)
Finally there is the Wot? No Dairy? Pudding which I must admit I’m intrigued about – I’ve not been a fan of Coconut Yogurt so far, and usually stick to Dark Chocolate, so will have to keep you updated on that…

Crisps are the savoury snack I try to avoid because I can get hooked easily, especially vegetable crisps, so I was very impressed with the Sour Cream and Chive Quinoa Crisps which actually tasted like Skips and made me nostalgic very quick – an immediate cinema/movie night snack if you will! Unfortunately I wasn’t as impressed with the rest of the savoury treat – like the bad rep they have, some carb alternatives just don’t seem to work; the Savoury Yeast Rice Cakes tasted too much like Marmite and it then lingered on my hands for ages which made me wretch a little, and the Scandinavian Crispbread honestly tasted like cardboard or a very compact Weetabix which wasn’t fab or flavourful, so it’s a no on that front for now…

Now I’ve heard a lot about cashews being good for butter and making Vegan cheese so I so up for giving that a go on the weekend – I’m still not sure of the taste but a few flavourings here or there will do the trick; and a few old favourites I’ve re-introduced to my porridge include Chia and Linseed, which are fab at feeding you full, packed with protein and even nutrients that help your hormones and cycle which is fab if your having problems with periods. I find they give my porridge a more balanced edge to a sweet breakfast, making it an awesome energy releasing option!

Speaking of sweet breakfasts, I’m always adding honey or agave nectar in but have recently started using Manuka Honey and it really has so much flavour and sweetness in the tiniest portion – expensive yes, but last ages; again I’m a huge fan of Coconut oil and have tried both flavourless and flavoured, cold-pressed and, well, not so I’m interested to see how the Bioglan Coconut Oil tastes in comparison. The final sweet comes in the form of Cacao Powder which really got me excited for healthy hot chocolates, baking and even chocolate making but it’s a fab way to add that chocolatey goodness into any recipe in a more natural and unprocessed form.

Finally the drinks, and you guys know I’m a huge tea lover so to try some traditional Organic Green Tea is very exciting #grannylife and it’s great for providing you with a natural wake-up of energy, cleansing your liver and helping your skin so make sure you try a switch to it sometime! Something I haven’t tried before and think would be perfect in a smoothie (or a shot if you’re a rebel) is Concentrated Beetroot Juice – it counts as 1 of your 5 a day and is fab for digestive health – good for when you’ve had a heavy night or need a cleanse…

You could say my cupboard is well and truly stocked with goodies to try and switch around with on my plate, and personally with my diet I do find it hard to make meals and snacks exciting all the time so it’s fab to try new things when you can – but I’d love to hear what you think; Would you switch up your fave foods for some of these alternatives? Have you shopped for snacks at Holland and Barrett before? What’s your favourite way to make meals healthy?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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