I’ve not really done much for Valentine’s Day since…maybe ever? Sure, it’s a fab day to get chocolate and tell someone you love them but hey, every day should be like that – or is that something a ‘single girl for six years’ would typically say?

Either way, the day usually passes me by but this year I’m making more effort to show some love to the things I enjoy, including myself – because you gotta show some affection to the real #1. Homewares and food have become even more prominent in my life since moving, I enjoy decorating the house and cooking really delicious seasonal meals and generally indulging in all the food. Seeing as Spring is round the corner, I wanted to add more blue inspired pieces to add light and life into the kitchen and office, and thankfully Amara has a huge range of pieces to spruce up your home from all various brands!

Typically, nothing I bought was seasonal ‘Valentine’s Red’ but hey, blue is my thing and the way to my heart is to present me with something blue – unless it’s MAC Russian Red because that is the only red to rock my world.

As you know, I’m an absolute sucker for anything blue and for my 21st a friend bought me a LSA vase which I absolutely love, so decided to pick up the Blue Matte Ombre Glasses after spying them a while ago; the ombre effect makes everything from cordial to water look fun, plus they’re very aesthetically pleasing for any blue fanatic.

Another thing I’ve had to restrain from recently is buying vases or ‘things to hold pens/brushes/various possible things in’, however when I spotted this Pomax Madoura Blue Wave Vase I knew it needed to be mine and would really standout in my little ornament sections around the house. It’s so cute and dinky but really stands out due to the print, and I can’t help but think that I’m becoming super adult now after getting excited over vases…

It’s become quite clear since having visitors that everyone loves home interiors and even more how the house has progressed so let me know if you’d like more updated or focused interiors posts, but more importantly what are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Are you a fan of the red decoration or do you follow your own colour? Do home interiors make your heart jump?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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