I tend to find that most of my worry and pressure to get things done is from a backlog of junk in my brain – feeling and thinking there’s more to be done than reality, tasks to remember and complete, heck even cleaning my brushes slips my mind, but this past week I’ve felt a desire to clarify and streamline life around me so I can begin to streamline my brain – release the jargon, realise what needs to be done and cleanse my life a little.

Whether it’s a box of packaging to throw, nail polishes to cut down on, skincare rotation or listing off all those important tasks – big and small – so your brain feels empty enough to compute it all, I find that generally clearing the world around me helps me clear out the space inside.

So grab a pen and paper, sit back with today’s new video below and release the tension in your brain as you finally unravel those thoughts and see what it really is you need to get done and how you’re a #girlboss or #boyboss who is going to get things done and be inspired!

How do you like to streamline your mind? Are you a tidy person or have lists everywhere? What helps you to feel relaxed and de-junked?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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