Sometimes I just like to talk about things, and today I felt talking about fear might be a good idea – telling everyone what I’m afraid of, what a grand idea, can’t see that biting me in the bum in years to come. Also, rhyming.

Personally, fear for me is something better address as then I find myself not as scared of it as I was before; the fear of not being good enough, doing well enough or not having something amazing to look back on sometimes (okay, most of the time) scares me but I’ve started to try and rational, even conquer, these fears by facing them head on – just not the spiders. Never.

What do you fear, big or small? Have you tried to conquer your fears? And did you enjoy todays slightly more chatty video – let me know your thoughts on my recent content and if you’ve liked the experimentation 🙂

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Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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