February has got off to a very sleep start; maybe it’s the lag of January, getting back into the swing of life, or maybe it’s because we’ve had so many tailwind storms and sleeping in the attic makes it sound like I’m about to fly off to Oz for the 5th time in a week. Maybe, might be.

I’ve found as February progresses, finding balance and positive inspiration for my wellbeing has been SO important, and thankfully John Lewis were able to step in with a few necessities to get me feeling myself again and ready for the year ahead – because wellbeing is for life people, not just a yearly resolution!

Anything that can relax me is an instant winner – I love candles, long pamper routines and sleep, so it always try to stock up on products that will get my mind into a calmer, chilled state; I for one have never tried Liz Earle before (I know, who am I?!) but their Hot Cloth Cleanser is so widely raved about and smells delicious on the face when you work it that it always makes me feel good, plus they have a refreshing candle combining some of my favourite smells – Eucalyptus and Rosemary – to really give your energy a boost.

Sleep is so important to me, I always feel lethargic when I don’t get enough so over the past few months I’ve invested in better bedding and products that help my sleep become deeper and more revitalising. Something I’ve really become a granny about is high thread count pillows because they’re unbelievably soft and luxurious, making sleep feel like a dream and the higher the thread – like these 800 Count Pillows – the more hotel-like the experience! Of course, there has to be some lavender in here as it’s my favourite relaxing smell and I finally got my paws on the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray which is great to spritz on your pillows right before sleep (or if you wake up in the night because a rain storm has attacked) and doesn’t damage or stair your pillows which is fantastic.

You’ve probably seen that health and fitness have been big parts of my 2016 so far, and whilst I’ve been following my PT sessions I’ve started to see my stamina build and am ready for the next step – adding in new equipment such as a Resistance Tube for my arms will finally give me that upper strength I’ve lacked for years, a Fitness Tracker to see how my fitness is progressing plus how many calories burnt and how effective my workouts have been, and some essential gym gear including a water bottle (I’ve been drinking 1.5L for a few weeks now and it’s made a big difference) and a Nike bag to carry everything around in – always need bags, can’t have too many bags.

The one thing that I’ve always need with my fitness though is motivation, and Joh Lewis has a fab range of motivational prints including my ‘The Sun Shines Here Every day. Mostly’ print which is too real, I need some more sun in my life – booked that holiday yet Lauren? Another motivation for me is food, I love food and I’d rather not have a poor alternative so haven’t eaten pasta for a few years because healthy alternatives were hard to come by or make, but now I’ve finally got a Spiralizer I can create all the courgetti I want and finally have some big Vegan Spaghetti dishes minus the gluten and egg. Happy days!

Now you can’t expect a wellbeing and balance focused post without a good cup of tea can you? Herbal tea is the only thing I drink now but it really does fill you with warmth deep within – Pukka has a fab range of teas including Night Time which includes Lavender and Chamomile for a better sleep, plus a little mug that tells you to ‘Relax!’ is the perfect way to end the day amiright?

You can check out the whole John Lewis Wellbeing section right here, and I’d love to hear how you’re aiming to make 2016 a better year for your wellbeing; How do you like to relax? What gives you positive motivation? Have you tried any of these brands and products?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

Items kindly gifted to me by John Lewis, no spon I just love relaxing!

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