Following a plant based diet mean you’ve got work a bit harder at getting daily vitamins and nutrients, and I’m all for extra spinach and quinoa on my plate but sometimes you need help so for the last few months I’ve been adding supplements into my diet that make my body feel a bit more whoop rather than uhhhh

If you looked at my daily supplement bowl, you may think it’s excessive – 2 Milk Thistle tablets and 2 Red Clover Tablets (both for liver detoxification and to help with my acne), 3 Sea Kelp Tablets (to keep calcium in my body and also to help hair growth and stronger nails), 2 Green Tablets (packed with Spirulina, Chlorella etc) and then my ABC Plus Tablets* from Holland + Barrett; it’s a lot but it’s what helps my body work in function with my diet and honestly I’ve never felt better.
Since the addition of ABC Plus and Sea Kelp, I’ve noticed my energy levels don’t flag and my nails (which always split by the way, nightmare) are the strongest ever – hello Adele talons – plus I don’t feel I’m craving additional nutrients thanks to the high percentage of Iron, Zinc, Vitamin D and Folic Acid.

It’s great to see what 4 weeks can make when adding in a multivitamin, and it’s also amazing to see how in 4 weeks my strength and stamina has grown since working with a personal trainer; I finally feel I’m getting serious with exercise as the moves are tailored to me, I understand posture and reps, plus if a move doesn’t work then my trainer can switch it to something that does work and boy do I feel it for two days after! To keep my focus on working out for fun, I picked up some amazing gear from Fabletics (even the name brings promise) which is run by Kate Hudson and the range of products is incredible – I went for these Pink and Green Geo Pastel Salar Leggings* and White Cashel Top* which are so much more hygienic and lightweight for workouts, plus the variety of patterns and prints makes me want all the leggings (so comfy, even if just for lounging).
Fabletics are also running an amazing campaign right now called Live Your Passion where you share your health and fitness goals on social media using the hashtag #LiveYourPassion to spread motivation – I’ll be sharing a progress snap soon, don’t you worry…

Sometimes 4 weeks seems like forever, but in fact 4 weeks has changed so much in my body – my skin is almost clear (hallelujah), two of my most fitted skirts are no longer fitted (now I need more clothes), I’m enjoying exercise and have claws to rival Lana Del Rey, so I’m pretty impressed with how I’ve progressed so far; I’d highly recommend the range of Multivitamins by Holland + Barrett including the speciality Vegan ones which really give you an added boost to daily vitamin intake.

But now I want to hear what you want to achieve in the next 4 weeks – are you taking any supplements? Are you currently getting fit? How do you hope to change in 4 weeks? I’m hoping for some stronger arms and legs like Beyonce – here’s hoping…

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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