February so far has felt like a month of looking back to go forward, to see what it is that allows me to grow as a person – I’ve talked about my feelings on fear and tiredness here – and it got me thinking that there are some really crucial reasons why growth is integral to our lives;

Firstly, school and education gives you the first experience of exposure to growth (be it puberty or in knowledge) and then university, living on your own and deciding a career, is a key time to expand yourself. I personally missed that experience and whilst I don’t regret not going, I do sometime think a few key lessons have been missed – that being said, experience and growth always finds a way to teach you a few lessons.

• Because you’re not the same person as you were yesterday, last week, last month or last year
I’ve looked back over videos, even 4 months ago, and I have changed so much – not only physically, but in my personality and energy. I was sad and lonely, and now I’m cheery, positive, yet possibly more aware. Going back further, I had bleach blonde hair and over-plucked brows, and that’s not something anyone wants to remember…

You can’t expect yourself to go forward if you don’t let yourself change, to live in the same routine and disregard the chance to be a better version of yourself.

• You need to stay inspired and constant
If you don’t allow yourself to try something new, listen to a new artist, read a new book or get outside your space, you can’t allow your awareness to expand. Getting your mind and physical body out there gives you chance to discover something new and inspiring, so get exploring!

• You could unlock a hidden interest you may have suppressed in the past
You know the one, you gave up or stopped focusing on something because maybe others didn’t think it was cool, your parents didn’t get it or maybe you didn’t have time to commit to it any more; for me it was mainly social media for purposes of creating, and also other elements I hadn’t thought I’d forgotten but now realise I did – I’ve recently got into Studio Ghibli and when I was younger it seemed uncool to like that kind of thing, but now the music from the movie’s focuses my brain and really inspires me. Funny ey?

• It keeps you tapped in
There’s more to this than keeping up with the trends on Twitter and the depths of Reddit (although that would make you seriously down with the kids) – by experiencing more, you can we aware of more things and probably understand more puns and jokes so that’s always good. Good to be down with current social media and life happenings.

• Because taking risks is a part of life, no matter how scary
I’m not a risk-taker, but then again I moved three hours away to a place where I didn’t know anyone. If that’s not something to motivate you into doing something new (myself included) I don;t know what is. Book that holiday, try a new class, jump off a cliff – with safety precautions please – and say yes to something that makes you do EEEK!

• You could make that much-needed breakthrough
Sometimes growth comes in the form of being challenged, having your opinions voiced and contradicted, and maybe that could trigger a thought that helps you move forward. Even if you hear your fears answered through someone else, it can bring some clarity to the situation.

• Life is for living not wishing
Wish you were at an event? Wish you were on holiday? Wish you could stop eating bread (never)? Stop wishing and start making, even if it’s a small step towards your wish becoming reality. Make yourself shine and noticed online, research holidays, look over your budget, try to eat a healthier loaf – make things happen instead of sitting there wait for them to always come to you.

• If in doubt, there’s always a pair of heels to give you a few extra inches
Because heels make you feel tall and that gives me confidence, so that’s another reason to scour ASOS late at night.

What are your thoughts on growth? Do you find yourself questioning how you change or if you should change? How to you try to better yourself?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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