Remember my pre-Christmas post where I announced I would be doing #12DaysOfVlogs? Well today is the last day and my goodness has it both flown and felt long – why is Christmas over? I need more roast dinners.

The whole process has been a learning process, from knowing what to vlog, when and why, to also teaching myself that it’s not a big deal if one vlog is 8 minutes and the other 15 (however the day you forget to vlog, that’s a tough one). I challenged myself to do this to see if I could not only find interesting things to do (and force myself to do interesting things) but also to see if I could manage the workload and product content in three different areas; suffice to say, I just about managed it.

I always worry whether creatively I’m any good, whether I’m really going to stick at this and if what I produce is of value, and these last 12 days have shown me that I can stick to a task despite not doing so previously, I can make time to do all my work, and I can have fun if I want to. Ultimately, these vlogs were made as some fun/work for me but for anyone who has enjoyed watching them, thank you.

Thank you because honestly sometimes I feel lost in the pond of bloggers and I know the view count on these vlogs isn’t high (heck let’s not get into yesterday’s main video – I know I can do better) but as I just said, I know I can do better, and now that this time has been freed up from vlog editing and filming, I can really make the most of it at the start of an exciting year.

If you haven’t caught all the vlogs, I’ve linked the playlist here and below so you can catch up, and don’t forget to watch tonight’s final vlog at 6pm where I discuss more all the things I’ve learnt so far from daily vlogging – including my weird nose rubs and addiction to mango. Sigh.

Have you been watching my daily vlogs? Do you set yourself challenges in blogging? What would you like to see on Britton Loves?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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