Acne and spots are something I’ve struggled and been conscious of since I was about 11, always wanted to clear my skin out and get rid of anything that was ‘bumpy’, and after three major long-term outbreaks in the last few years, I decided to do what I could to finally get my skin (and hormones) in shape.

I’ve spoken before about my use of supplements to regulate my hormones and liver as for some reason that is still undiscovered, my liver wasn’t working well enough on it’s own to eliminate excess testosterone and oestrogen, causing old toxins to continue circulating through my system which led to some awful esteem-knocking bumps, cysts and soreness. My skin in the last 6 months has got generally better, but it still wasn’t enough – bumps still arose, I was never fully clear of some form of scar, blemish or heavily concealed area.

Before Christmas my mum said she would buy me something to finally kick the stress of my skin, and whilst to me it was VERY pricey, it has been one of the best investments; the Tria Acne Blue Light is a special device using a specific strand of non-harmful UV light that kills bacteria deep in the glands to prevent and kill any form of acne (mild/moderate cases).

Today I’m sharing my review of the product, how it works, what it’s done for me, the pros and cons in (about) 3 minutes so if you suffer from mild/moderate acne and want something to help, you need this in your life!

In the future I’ll share a fully clear bare-faced selfie when I’m confident and happy with the clarity, but for now, I’m so happy with how free in my skin I feel, and that I can fully appreciate the care I’ve put in to getting it back on track. No more will I be held back my spots, nodules or apropionibacterium (that’s the bane of acne FYI) – clear skin, here we come…

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Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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