For the last year I’ve been following the motto of ‘use your passion’ when feeling lost in my content or when others in chats have asked ‘I don’t know how to make my work better’ or ‘how can I grow my audience?’, and it was an alright motto; I followed said passions but there was still underlying frustrations at why more wasn’t happening in my content and growth (even today I still get said frustrations but not as much, not the ones where I cry at my desk because I feel so blah.)

It was only recently when I read Big Magic by Liz Gilbert (literally one of my favourite women on the planet because she is all-round amazing) that I finally started to understand what I was doing wrong: following your passion isn’t the reason you’re stuck, it’s because you’re not interested.

Chances are that by having a blog you are following a passion – be it food, beauty, books, education, mental health or fashion – so when you feel stuck or are faced with another who is stuck, telling them to ‘follow their passion’ is like saying ‘you want to lose weight? BE THIN’ (thanks Liz for that one, excellent analogy) It’s stating the obvious and, truthfully, isn’t helpful at all.

There are reasons some bloggers and writers, creators and more do better – they create from the heart what interests them even if it doesn’t fit the normal ‘niche’ or standard, and it just works as a piece. For the last year I was stuck in a routine of ‘Monday beauty, Wednesday food, Friday lifestyle etc’ and it was hard and it didn’t make me feel happy – I felt exhausted by my apparent passions. If I did cook, it felt tedious, if I did a review, I panicked, so when I read the chapter in Big Magic about how you can introduce more creativity into your life, I immediately picked up my pen and started answering the most important question: what interests you?

It’s not what your passion is, it’s more than that, it’s an extension of what your passion is and the tiny interests that lead you to making something that leaves you saying ‘wow’! It’s a simple question, so simple you don’t think to ask it, but when you do this whole world opens up – you realise what it is in this moment that makes you want to wake up at 7am and work on until the early hours because man it’s exciting and you know you’ll be proud of it, you want to research it, know all about it and feel confident what you discuss it.

Now I can’t take credit for this piece of content, because without Liz writing about interests and the important question I wouldn’t be here myself typing this out, but what I will take credit for is the newfound interests I have discovered from having a conversation with myself; 

“Lauren, do you have any interests, right now?”

“Well yes I do.”

“Okay, tell me.”

It turns out I like photography, Korean beauty, candles, being creative, pyjamas, new beginnings, interiors, pillows, books, having fun, and talking; so this months content has been based around all of those things, the things that make me whip out a post in 10 minutes because I’m so excited to share it (case in point, I’ve written 563 words in about 15 minutes because in turn I felt creative from writing this post. Genius.) 

Now I’ve pledged to ask myself the same question every month, just to see what’s caught my subconscious creative interests over the last few weeks, to make sure I’m managing projects and ideas I’m dedicated to, and to see what inspires me over the next few weeks, because it’s not your passion that needs talking to, it’s your interests and inspirations and they’ve got a whole load of ideas just waiting to whisper in your ear that you wouldn’t even thought of.

Whether you’re feeling lost creatively or need a bit of added mojo, will you be asking yourself what interests you? What are you going to do with your interests? Have you read Big Magic?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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