I don’t think I can exclaim enough times the enjoyment of styling my new place, but here’s another declaration – I love it. From sourcing furniture to simple updates, the whole process has been Pinterest irl and I don’t think I can stop myself.

Interiors goes beyond colour palettes and furniture filling a room, it’s making it reflect your personality and aesthetics so I’ve been collecting and styling for a few months, and now that the season calls for a refresh, I thought I’d start to share some interior inspirations that can make your space a heavenly sanctuary.

I’ve tried to utilise all available surface area for starters, with a small collection of ‘too pretty to hide’ candles (because I am an avid fan of candles) and ornaments that mix colour, practicality and general aesthetic compliments to my decor. I find symmetry and layering similar groups really builds a nice display, which is why I started with my LSA Blue Vase and Frosted Tumbler from Homesense which don’t current have plants or pens to display, but add a nice base to build on due to the vibrant blue and neutral decoration on the glass which is easy to match with more dominant pieces.

A new buy that I love for both design, colour and smell is the Lavender Cade Candle I picked up from Anthropologie, which is a lovely statement piece and also smells pretty good too. The blue hue picks up the vase and also my other blue Anthropologie candle, Capri which is so fresh and has a lovely rustic edge Antropologie is famed for.

As you can guess I love my smells, so I’ve added height to this selection with a Olivia Blake Wild Pumpkin and Nutmeg Room Spray, perfect for the season and also adds a nice dimension to the smaller items positioned at the front of my collection – a new Ambre Diptyque candle which is deep and woody, perfect for evenings, and the Neom Tranquility candle which is perfect for switching off before bed or a bathtime soak.

A small collection of things I like that add personality and a spot of colour to the room, yet don’t take up too much space, perfect way to utilise and jazz up your space with things too pretty to hide! But then again, you always need more candles…

Are you a fan of interiors? Would you like to see more interiors posts on the blog? How would you add personal touches to your room?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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