The problem – no wait, the plus side – of being a beauty lover and blogger is that there’s always something new to try out, whether it’s makeup or skincare, body cream or haircare, you set aside a little space in your drawer of ‘things to test’ and then it grows and you think ‘how the heck am I going to get through all this?!’

It would appear I have a thing for numbered posts at the moment so I thought a Currently Testing situation with give you the lowdown on a few products worth trying (some maybe to miss out for now) including a few brands you may not have heard of which is always a good thing, because who doesn’t love new brands?

Let’s start with skincare; there’s two new serums on the block and I’ve been giving them a fair go for a few months now – firstly the Antipodes Hosanna H20 Intensive Skin-Plumping Serum* which I had wanted to try for ages due to the key words ‘plumping’ and ‘intensive’. As my skin is drier now I hoped this would add more hydration into my skin however it’s not been enough for me in this winter weather so whilst the smell of Parma Violets is appealing, it’s probably more fit for Summer when I’ll give it another go. On the other hand I am completely sold on Odacité Gt+L Radiance Serum, which is a funny one as you mix it in with your moisturiser as a booster almost, and you’d think it being a basic ingredient it would just smell nice, but no, this serum honestly made my skin look more alive than ever. Lemongrass, you’ve wowed my food and now my skin, so I’m totally eyeing up the rest of the line for more acne/repairing properties to take me through the year.

I’m always hopping between eye creams or gels, and usually I use the same morning and night but since I went to The Body Shop’s 24 Days of Happiness event, I’ve been using the Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate* which they kindly gifted me to try. The formula is perfect for the morning as the rollerball is cooling on puffy bags, the pump dispenses a little or a lot of product to work in, and feel wakening on the skin – perfect for mornings you feel groggy let me tell you…

Masks are something I’m always keen to experiment with but I do have high expectations with them cleansing and making my skin look renewed; I’ve been big into Asian beauty so was intrigued to try the Janjira Instant Brightening Bubble Mask* but I’m still undecided – it foams into an instant bubble foamy lather, left on the skin for 5 minutes and then rinsed, and it’s so odd to watch all the bubble pop and melt into the skin. It leaves a tacky residue, you skin looking slightly whiter and brighter, however the next day I did have two near-deep under skin spots start to show which I had to use my acne light on to calm down so it’s a miss for now but the whole bubble concept was fun to play with.

Now blusher is always a hit or miss for me, usually favouring powder because it’s easy to apply and build but I’ve been using The Body Shop Sorbet Blush in Cuban Watermelon* and you know what? It rocks; only a tiny amount is needed and patted into your cheeks it leaves a lovely flush of pink that looks natural yet emphasised as a rosy glow. Best to use your finger for quick application, but I am converted!

Finally there’s body creams, and I have to admit I’m not the best when it comes to moisturising every day – I skip areas, put too little on and just kinda forget it sometimes. Those days I do slather it on it instantly absorbs so I wanted to test some more luxurious smelling ones, particularly The Body Shop Japanese Camellia Cream* which honestly smells like every holiday I’ve ever been on; the mix of suncream, sand, sun, flowers and fun makes me want to bath in this cream every day, however it’s quite a thick formula so I tend to save it for pamper evening to work into every limb (plus the smell sinks into my pjs which then smell UHMAZING). For something a little more natural, invigorating and easier to work in, I’ve been giving the Ellovi Mint Chocolate Butter* a go after my shower and man alive do I smell like After Eights! Made up of six ingredients, the butter is surprisingly smooth and easy to distribute, smells exactly like your fave minty chocolate but sinks in well that it doesn’t overpower or linger. Even though I don’t eat After Eights, I’d happily eat this (except I wont, because that would be unwise, plus my skin may be sad).

A few hits, a few misses, a few ‘we’ll try again another time’ but all in all there’s some progress being made in my currently testing drawer which I’m sure will be filled with new things again soon, butI I want to know what you’re trialling at the moment? Have you tried any of these brands? Are you an After Eights kinda gal or Japanese Camellia?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

Some products in this post may have been sent for review or gifted, and will be marked with a * or c/o. All opinions are mine are not influenced by brands or companies. Please see my full disclaimer for more.

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