I 100% blame these purchases on the fact I had double points vouchers. Yes, I mean, I didn’t need more nail polish, and I didn’t need dry shampoo – I did need deodorant however so I can’t blame Boots for that – but I like trying things and I like nail polish too much to say no to an offer. With the bonus incentive of buying a few Christmas presents at the same time, it only seemed logical to pick up a few 3 for 2 offers and try out some things I’d had my eye on for a while (whilst also getting double and bonus points, kerching!).

Let’s get the boring bits out the way first – I don’t think too much about deodorant, I usually pick what smells nice but sometimes find myself getting to lunchtime and thinking ‘well that didn’t last long’ (TMI sorry). So I upgraded and decided to go for Mitchum Unscented 48hr Protection, and honestly it’s done a cracking job. My underarms feel comfortable all day long, no complaints and no more self-aware stickiness. Again, sorry.

Hair isn’t something I pay much attention too, probably due to years of backcombing and hairspraying it to death and hating the feeling of product in my hair – I do however desire for more voluminous and textured locks so we needed middle ground. I opted for Toni and Guy Volume Dry Shampoo because it would give my roots a bit of lift and texture whilst soaking up any excess third day hair drab, plus it smells amazingly fresh and feels light throughout my hair so I may be converted just about. A recommendation from Ally enabled my Lee Stafford Hair Growth purchase – she said it made her locks grow quicker and in much better condition, and seeing how long her hair has got in 6 months I was sold. Whilst picking up a few tubs of treatment, I also got a few Leave In Treatment Sprays which I use after washing and on a day before washing (because we’re all allowed one gross day when hair looks less than perfect) to give it an added boost. So far I love it, but more on that another time…

Well, I couldn’t come out of boots without some nail polish could I? Despite this being the time for muted shades, I’m really feeling off-grey nudes with a pop of vivid darks to mix it up. I mentioned in my Best in Beauty 2015 that Maybelline Super Stay is my favourite formula so I picked up Second Skin, Rose Poudre, and Berry Stain to break up my blue collection (honestly, the best polish range ever, lasts forever) and, confession, I haven’t bought Barry M polish before so swiftly rectified it by picking up Eat My Dust (thanks Anna) and Lap of Honour to satisfy my off-grey cravings.

Another repurchase from Maybelline is the Lash Sensational mascara which you guys know I love so much, but decided to get the Waterproof version to compare against Fairydrops and see if it made my lashes look even more fabulous – but that’s a post for another time 😉

Hauling achieved, and now I don’t think I really need more polish, but hey a girl can dream. What have you picked up recently in the sales? Are you a nail polish fan? Is deodorant talk a but TMI?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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