Long ago in the depths of this blog, I wrote about my experience and approach to fitness – in hindsight, it wasn’t fab; I was exercising for 20-40 minutes every day, going spot toning for a ridiculous amount of reps with the purpose of being slim. Whilst exercise to lose weight is no qualm, I never saw results and now I know it’s because my approach was wrong.

Since then, I have adapted myself to low-intensity workouts, focusing on being balanced within my mind first before attempting anything strenuous (read, workouts that actually worked and pushed me) and even then it’s taken mindset and work – I find that if I don’t have real motivation, I end up giving up or just doing a little bit before sinking back into my chair.

Typically with a new year and a new move, I wanted to push myself into fitness, to understand my body and the moves to give myself stamina and confidence in my health. With all new fitness goals you need new gear and New Look asked me share what my essential gym kit contains for a workout and talk about my updated fitness routine.

Firstly, I’m one to workout in my pj bottoms – I know, much lazy – so a good pair of leggings on the cards and I love this pair* due to the ombre purple design, plus they’re just as comfy as my pjs so….excuse to buy more? Obviously you need support and as a chesty lady myself I need to strap them down and have comfort, so a sports bra like this one* is great for low-impact exercise and is super comfortable too so great for yoga (and comfy days, oops).
Finally, I’m trying to stay hydrated through the day and drink 1.5 litres, so this ‘Yoga made me do it’ bottle is perfect for making me pick up the bottle more often (see similar here) and is fabulous for an Instagram or two – amiright? I also picked up a FAB pair of Nike’s in the Net-a-Porter sale which are my first proper pair and ARE BLUE so I’m very excited to wear these….

So how is my fitness journey going so far? Well I’ve started with a lovely Personal Trainer called Lucy who has a channel filled with achievable and fun workouts, and she’s made me realise how much better I am at working out than I thought (I have actually sweated though so I know she’s doing something right) and I’m also doing a few bursts of yoga every few days to stretch and improve my flexibility between my main workouts. Generally I work out 3-4 days a week for 20 minutes doing a quick HIIT routine that improves my stamina, so soon I’ll be reviewing the moves to up the intensity even further.

Gym gear – check; routine – check; here’s to a new fitness journey that actually works – now I’m interested in what your views on fitness and exercise are? How often do you workout? What is your favourite style of exercise?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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